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Unfold - Aeon Agony (Reissue)

Aeon Agony (Reissue)
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 29 January 2020, 4:21 AM

Formed in Switzerland in 1995, this hybrid “Post” band released three albums…”Aeon Agony” in 2003, “Cosmogon” in 2011, and “Banshee O Beast” in 2018. For whatever reason, their debut album is being re-issued. With no webpage or Facebook page (that I could find), there is very little information about this band out there. Well, I always look for bands off the beaten path, so let’s see what we have here.

“Medusa – Euryale – Sthenyo” leads off the album. It has a cold, sterile and dissonant sound, fueled by maddening vocal screams. It sounds like a sort of cross between Punk and Hardcore to me, being a little closer to the hardcore side. “I Miss my Dallas” is a bit harder and heavier but still with that dissonant sound. “Baron Rouge” opens with piano and a much more playful sound. It doesn’t take long for that aggressive sludge to come back into the fold again. There is very little melody here…it’s about evoking an emotional response from the music. The piano notes come back to end the song but don’t really sound like they belong in this type of music.

“Superman Diabolico” features a slow and heavy riff and that sludgy sound rears its head again. The relentless vocals grow weary on me after a while. The constant screaming is akin to the FWOBM. “We Remember the King” features an opening riff that they just want to pound into your head. The vocals are spoken at first but then back comes the screaming again. “Sabres Silas” opens with more dark dissonance and a grinding pace. The vocals are enraged screams while the instruments stick to the lowest key possible. “Phantom Structures” opens with clean guitars and a dark tone. Many of the tracks start off this way. From there, the main riff is long in the making. A mysterious interlude occupies the latter half of the song.

“Rhythm, Slayer, Ole” is more of the same. Traditional Hardcore doesn’t deviate much from the norm, and that is what I believe we have here….unrelenting screams and that sludgy mix of guitar and bass into a slurry that sticks to you. “The Templar’s Lamina” closes the album. It’s another despondent song that slowly forays into cement by the end. The level of dissonance and despondence on the album is incredibly high, and the vocals sound like tortured wails from an empty soul. So, it moves you on a certain level. Beyond that, there wasn’t much dynamism so it was hard to get excited about. Since this album was originally released in the early part of the movement, I can see how uniform it sounds.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Medusa – Euryale – Sthenyo
2. I Miss my Dallas
3. Baron Rouge
4. Superman Diabolico
5. We Remember the King
6. Sabre Silas
7. Enter Sinus
8. Phantom Structures
9. Rhythm, Slayer, Ole
10. The Templar’s Lamina
Record Label: Division Records


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