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Unforged - Eye For An Eye Award winner

Eye For An Eye
by Andrew Harvey at 06 December 2021, 6:33 AM

UNFORGED are a quintet specialising in groove metal, with influences like METALLICA, PANTERA, SLIPKNOT and TRIVIUM. They are a force to be reckoned with and that me being completely honest with influences in the heavy metal scene, hard to live up to but gosh, UNFORGED are giving it 100% commitment. They were once described as and it was said that “if the 21st century was a metal band, it would probably be called UNFORGED”.

Focusing on their style of course with inspirational influences, these hard hitters are here to “free us from self-made and imposed oppression through hard hitting rhythms. Their lyrics fight their way through everyday life like a modern catcher in the rye and are honest and suitable for the masses”. Four singles were released by the band which were “Fight For Your Life”, “Serial Killer”, “Eye For An Eye” plus “Antihero” now they are featured on the band’s debut album titled EYE FOR AN EYE released now in CD/Digital format.

The album begins with “Serial Killer” quiet but subtle mellow guitar swirling and there seems to be two guitar lines, sounding very different to each other. Then there is literally a big implosion of guitar or quick ascending sound, we have lift off with metallic drums but focus on groove metal. Drums are thumping through with slight thrash elements too and precision is pretty cool yet original. “Eye For An Eye” definitely has that guitar tone like with METALLICA, somber and full of clarity.

Vocals much settled until they scream and shriek loudly before all goes quiet or pulled back dynamically. The tempo is certainly comfortable enough and the vocals do point to their influences, one of them being SLIPKNOT as UNFORGED share devilish vocals with hardcore attitude. The drums don’t go any faster but at times slow a bit down on occasion or improvise when it’s required. “Antihero” gives us that heavy bass and thick guitar sound with doom metal drumming, vocals create contrast with two vocal lines; one being clean and another being full of bitter taste of authority.

Such a good song full of attention to detail, character and persona like an angry rioter or rebel fighting against hierarchy. “Prior” has a more clinical and technical approach to guitar plus drums which are captivating to say the least. The vocals are similar enough to the previous track, dynamically balanced and raising the bar with electrifying guitar work. Quick off the mark with a soloistic end into the next track, “Scream For Me” bringing a screamer literally which is brilliant.

Guitar works nicely but is pulled back and vocals dominate with a more progressive tone and then the vocal harmony shouts. But this comes with a big fat bass tone and fast, speedy drumming in majority; vocals have this nice effect like well produced for more somber or ghastly touch of class. Guitar vibrato we hear, pedal to the metal and driven to pulsating rhythms before accented thrash and lashes to finish. “Unforged” with a more metalcore intro then pumping full of kick-ass rhythms and alternative metal features symbolizing the band name. This is what the band should have as their signature song or starter for 10. Vocals scream or shout with more gripping climatic points of devastation.

“Fight For Your Life” has a more stop and start intro but drums provide the support if needed. Even the evil laugh with that gives us the chills and then it’s ongoing heavy duty guitar parts, yet the pauses of guitar allows drums to contribute. This track is the penultimate of how it ends and by god the last track has it. “I’m Away” is full of energy and has an emphasis on groove or rhythm before vocals & other instruments accompany nicely. The album finished on a high. No doubt these guys will go very far in the metal scene in Germany and I feel that this album is only the beginning of what should be the first of many successes.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Serial Killer
2. Eye For An Eye
3. Antihero
4. Prior
5. Scream For Me
6. Unforged
7. Fight For Your Life
8. I’m Away
Chrys - Vocals
Mika Alva - Guitars
Thommy Scár - Guitars
Chris Antrop - Bass Guitar
Nico Alva - Drums
Record Label: Fastball Music


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