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Unhale - Human Race

Human Race
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 28 January 2013, 5:40 PM

Probably has been our weak spot all along. Though I won’t call it normality but in some places around the world, people tend to deny, run away from the bitter truth as if they were blind, deaf and mute. There are things that might scare the shit out of people, but only the brave usually end up dead in an alley or on the other hand come out victorious after a struggle for the sake of the honesty and integrity. Maybe that was the mainly memorandum out of the second album “Human Race”, via 7Hard Records, by the Austrian chaps of UNHALE. The social issues have always been a comfortable zone for composing material, especially where the system fails to react to the needs of the people or where justice is absent or just plain dead. “Human Race” really kicked it hard when it comes to communal ailing and of course the individual. Playing Metalcore / Deathcore has been the band’s main prerogative since day one, as it seems, and I have to admit that even though they have been repeating themselves quite a lot, sadly as I expected beforehand, this album has been rather solid.

In general, UNHALE isn’t that indifferent than most Metalcore bands that have been influenced by PANTERA, SHADOWS FALL, ALL SHALL PERISH and even the somewhat harmonious like of HEAVEN SHALL BURN and SOILWORK. However, and that is probably my favourite ingredients on “Human Race”, is the fact that UNHALE has been incorporating the usage of two vocalists for additional vocal support of a powerful front end. Second, there have been more melodic lines than most newfound Metalcore acts out there, for that I salute them. Nonetheless, UNHALE has been somewhat distasteful when it comes to their rhythms as they have been suffocating the life out of the same kick downs, same type of modern Thrash / Death / Hardcore riffing, which can be loads of fun, but repeated too many times and that is a bust. Gladly that UNHALE seemed to master of how to process smooth tracks that will run like the wind and that will still sting and bite in the middle. “No Gods No Heroes” has been the only track that served as the band’s fully fueled rocket to the high heavens, a great melodic heavy hitting star as a shining beacon to their whole album’s efforts. The riffages turned out powerful, catchy, vocals charging with might, great drumming and slick bass work. I would also augment “Eternal”, “Failed Utopia” and “Temporary Run” as closer to that category, but still that same Americanized attitude that keeping bumping heads. Though I wouldn’t deny that there aren’t any cool harmonies around here and a few drumming masteries, there is still something to have a closer look.

It would seem that UNHALE aren’t that creative with “Human Race”, and I would understand that assumption, but in overall, there is something to look for within this album. I would call it a “loosened up” kind of a release, letting the anger out while watching the blood flow. UNHALE came to destroy and they did, but that is it. Aside from “Division Confidence” that sent me out screaming, especially with that Trance like section, I would say go ahead for this one. It can be enjoyable if you just let a bit of the stereotypes.

3 Star Rating

1. Aurora
2. Temporary Sun
3. Little Formless Fears
4. No Gods No Heroes
5. Shady Hope
6. Battlecry
7. Suffer
8. Eternal
9. Division Confidence
10. Failed Utopia
Mark Prieth - Bass
Niko Karner - Vocals
Chris Vidovic - Vocals
Moe Gruber - Drums
Luke Lautner - Guitars
Alex Knopper - Guitars
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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