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Unhallowed - Enter Damnation Award winner

Enter Damnation
by Andréa Auricchio Moretto at 17 August 2015, 4:46 PM

Here is the newest album from UNHALLOWED, an Austrian Melodic Death Metal band, whom are launching its newest work "Enter Damnation". This is a relatively new band in the metal scene, but it may please fans of the old school style.

We started with an instrumental "Proclamatio Mortis" presenting a grim chorus of voices accompanied by an instrumental, quite suspenseful, and causing an odd feeling of wanting to go deeper into this work.

Following a brilliant strategy that works very well, part of the instrumental music is the basis for continuation into the next song that already has raging drums waking up the headbanger in us, "Dawnbringer" is a relatively extensive song but passing by extremely interesting variations, from guitars with melodic solos to cadenced riffs accompanied by torn and brutal vocals.

In "Chosen Destiny" we have more aggressive sounds and commercially speaking easier to be devoured by fans of the style; fans of CHILDREN OF BODOM will be very interested in the work of these guys. The chorus of this song is recorded very easily in one’s mind and it has an execution of riffs and fantastic solos.

In the fourth song, "Rite of Irkalla", we have a melancholy introduction with melodious keyboards, but are soon swallowed by the force of brutal battery of Milfisto. The insanity taking over this song makes it impossible to stand still by the summits of brutality that the music brings.

"Chalice of blood" brings an interesting mix to the introduction, with melodious guitars that recall the good old Heavy Metal, and which harmonize well with the guttural vocalist. Anyway, quite functional and melodious, giving a break in the beating that the album features so far. Although there is insanity and brutality peaks, the album is still fantastically melodic. In "Epigone Nocturne" doom spreading around the four corners of the disk.

To give a broken rhythm of utter disgrace, we hear then a melodious song with well executed guitar fingering a thrilling and touching the hearts of those who hear. "Eternal" would be nice as a last track on the disc, but not to discredit the importance of music that is beautiful there is nothing to criticize negatively. There is the presence of a perfectly fitted battery with choir and guitar and it works well to reassure the headbanger to hear them.

Repetitive riffs in "Armageddon The infernal pact" mark the beginning of the song, accompanied by a battery akin to a machinegun, the singer back to release the most brutal guttural I've heard in recent times.

"Rise of the four" despite being equally brutal presents elements that hardly see bands in the same style in a more commercial footprint and easier to be appreciated by a crowd that is in order to breathe new air into Extreme Metal. Valid mixtures with distinctive vocals.

"Blackened skies" is a song from start to finish already contagious and makes you want to sing the song, really good to be the song that ends the show. Finally "The black waters fall" which is equally beautiful as "Eternal" however, does not bring many new additions to that already displayed on the whole disk. There could be more variations and the band venture further into something really more melodious with more emphatic keyboards and more dynamic songs; sometimes left feeling wanting more.

4 Star Rating

1. Proclamatio Mortis
2. Dawnbringer
3. Chosen Destiny
4. Rite of Irkalla
5. Chalice of blood
6. Epigone Nocturne
7. Eternal
8. Armageddon The Infernal Pact
9. Rise of the four
10. Blackened Skies
11. As Black Waters Fall
Stefan Mitsche - Bass
Bloodthirst - Guitars
Essark - Vocals
Nebirus - Guitars
Milfisto - Drums
Record Label: Metal Music Austria


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