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Unherz - Sturm & Drang Award winner

Sturm & Drang
by Julius "Dreadheart" Mikkelä at 10 July 2014, 8:21 PM

“Viva Rock N’ Roll”, that’s the name of the 9th track off UHERZ’s 4th album, “Sturm Und Drang”, and it really sums up the sound and vision of the entire album: This is hard and Metallic Rock N’ Roll in similar style to AIRBOURNE but with a German touch along the lines of DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER. And while there are no complex or advanced plays going on here; no Progressive structures or Technical tempos, there are a lot of diverse styles and inspirations playing behind those likable melodies and catchy choruses.

And it really couldn’t get off to a better start than it does, as the rock-solid and kinda beautiful intro track opens up the album’s first and arguably strongest song, “Der für dich”, which is an uber-catchy song with a strong chorus, likable guitar-lead melodies and even a football clauqe-esque sing-along part at the end. “Zeugen der Zeit” is slower, heavier and in a rather distant way RAMMSTEIN-reminiscent in its style but, of course, without the industrial aspects. “Pogobraut” is a raging, riffing Punk Rock song with a strong attitude and another strong chorus. The band returns to its initial style on “Ein Lied für unsere Feind”, which like “Der für dich” is a more guitar-driven Melodic song with a solid, yet not as catchy, chorus. The first ballad appears next with “Der erste Schritt” which is an almost full-blown Blues song in an almost GARY MOORE-esque way.

The fire and pace returns on the 7th track “Win sind hier”, which once again looks to Punk Rock for inspiration and with not just a strong and catchy chorus, but also strong and catchy verses. “Drei Kreuze” is slowed-down along the lines of “Zeugen der Zeit”, but sadly with less power and a chorus that isn’t as inspiring as its predecessors.
And then there’s “Viva Rock N’ Roll”. It’s like the wonderful, unique and probably unholy bastard child of VOLBEAT’s Country-esque sound with the Metallic Punk Rock of the previous songs. And after it follows the arguably most Metal song on the album, “Krieger des Lebens”, whose IRON MAIDEN-reminiscent main riff and Symphonic elements also makes it the most dynamic song on the album, and perhaps also the best. Finally “Minerva” ends the album with a slow-going and, dare I say, NIRVANA-like song.

There is a lot of good stuff going on here. First and most obvious, the catchy songs by themselves would go far enough by themselves to seal this as a good and perhaps even great album. But the thing that pushes this album above the “good” swamp is UNHERZ applaudable ability to diversify their music across so many styles and genres while remaining consistent and interesting. That’s rare, and it opens up for endless possibilities if utilized. And even though this album or UNHERZ music will not be for the musical elitist since it lacks those Progressive elements, it will definitively entertain anyone else who just wants some great and catchy songs performed with simple excellence.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Der für dich
3. Zeugen der Zeit
4. Pogobraut
5. Ein Lied für ensere Feinde
6. Der erste Schritt
7. Wir sind hier
8. Drei Kreuze
9. Viva Rock N’ Roll
10. Krieger des Lebens
11. Minerva
Felix Orschel – Guitar, Vocals
Andy Arnold - Guitar
Jochen Auer Wall - Bass
Christian Bogert - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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