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Unholy - New Life Behind Closed Eyes (CD)

New Life Behind Closed Eyes
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 July 2009, 11:42 AM

Prosthetic Records is a label that will usually (basically always) offer bands that belong to the more modern spectrum of our beloved music. One of those bands is UNHOLY. I was kind of worried about what I was going to listen because as you know I agree with experimentation and mixing various genres with core stuff, but many times it ends up in an uninspired result.

Thank god the US (Syracuse, New York) based act is one of the bands that make me see a glimmer of hope in this modern scene. The band actively began in 2006 with the release of its debut EP (Awaken The Sleep), which was followed by the 2007 full-length album Blood Of The Medusa (Lambgoat Records). The band has now signed with the US based Prosthetic Records for the release of its sophomore studio effort New Life Behind Closed Eyes.

You have probably read many of my reviews on Metalcore bands saying that Metalcore is a dead genre, that there is nothing that differs from the mediocrity that has drowned the bands in the specific scene etc. The fact is that I rarely come across a band that proves me wrong and shows me that Metalcore is a kind of music that if you have the balls and the talent can be forged and made strong and heavy as fuck. One of those bands is UNHOLY. From the very first seconds of this album I knew that there was something good going on. The American quintet kicks major ass with a lot of sweat being dripped in the riffs that may even remind you of bands like ARCH ENEMY and CARCASS. The music is mostly based on Thrash themes (except from the classic melodic Death Metal ones), carrying a TESTAMENT vibe throughout its killer and poisonous guitars.

The brutal vocals, the speed and the polished sound are here, too, reminding us of what made Metalcore widely known in the first place. So, UNHOLY prove that if someone absorbs his influences, never forgets his roots and manages to keep the balance between the modern sound and the band she grew up listening to, the result can't be something less than good! Keep an eye on them fellows!

4 Star Rating

Seeker Immortal
Children Of Eternal Sleep
These Wounds Never Heal
Into The Flesh Of Another
The Blinding Light
Look To The Blood
No Faith
The Followers
Behind The Veil Of Darkness
New Life Behind Closed Eyes
Billy Price - Vocals
Jonathan Dennison - Guitar
Steve Caiello - Guitar
Gary Mann - Bass
Andy Miller - Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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