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Unholy Ghost - Torrential Reign (CD)

Unholy Ghost
Torrential Reign
by Fotis Giakob at 06 April 2004, 1:41 AM

Is extreme Brutal-Death Metal dead? Can't really tell, but some bands like Nile make us smile after the disappointing but descent efforts of Deicide and Morbid Angel, two of the greatest bands in the history of the genre.
Tampa-based Unholy Ghost  -formed by former Diabolic members-, try to banish any long forgotten ghosts in Extreme Death Metal with their debut called Torrential Reign. Will they reign or not? We will find out pretty soon…
The Calling of Sin, the opener. A true extreme overture, mindless blast beat, unholy growls, a nice way to start. 10 minutes later I thought I needed to wake up and found myself wondering if I heard the same song again. Well my CD player was already at the fourth track. Hm I said, Strange…. I was pretty sure that I wasn't asleep but I also tried to remember some kind of good moment from a song. Nothing. Though I do remember myself headbanging partially but nothing more than that. In fact Unholy Ghost don't bring anything new to the genre. Brutal vocals, unholy guitar riffs, chaotic drums. To be honest I'm not expecting anything more or anything less from the majority of the Extreme Death Metal bands.
Listening to the Torrential Reign a couple more times, I managed to find out some songs that really got some potential, like the mid tempo Eyes Of The Lost or the quite interesting Under Existence with some really nice solos from Mr. Jerry Mortellaro. The drumming is good too, followed by some insane double bass but still nothing out of the ordinary.
11 songs, about 40 minutes of unholy brutal Death: Unholy Ghost's Torrential Reign will satisfy the hardcore fans of the genre but I think they need something more than that to stand out. Where did I put my Nile CD?….

2 Star Rating

The Calling Of Sin
Soul Disment
Eyes Of Lost
Cross Contamination
Entrenched In Warfare
Torn Apart
Under Existence
Torrential Reign
The Apparition
Paul Ouellette - Vocals / Bass
Jerry Mortellaro - Guitar
Kelly McLauchlin - Guitar
Aantar Lee Coates - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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