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Unholy Ritual - Rex Mundi (CD)

Unholy Ritual
Rex Mundi
by Harry Papadopoulos at 11 February 2009, 12:06 PM

Most of the times, having a CD from a band from your country, you are trying to see them with sympathy. And especially in countries like Greece were all of us here know how our scene works. But these things were happening in the past. In the last few years, the Greek scene is starting to rise and we are more music 'critic' with the bands.

UNHOLY RITUAL are not that new. The band was formed back in 1997. After lots of lives in Greece and Europe, and lots of lineup changes, thus I have the current lineup and not the one that recorded the album, they sighed a contract with Emotion Art Music and released their debut album Rex Mundi.

And now the critical question: Why did I ask for this album? As you probably found out from the titles of the album and the songs, the name of the band, and their nicknames, they are playing black Metal. Well, majestic Black Metal as they say. Unfortunately, I have to say that this is one of the most boring CDs I have ever listen to while I'm writing for Metal Temple and one of the worst black Metal albums that I reviewed. Trying to sound like CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR, they took the worst moments of those two bands and made an album. Ok, you are copying other bands, but at least take their good moments! Not to mention the plastic production and the machine-like drums.

Enough said. I managed to listen to the album twice. I don't know how many more times you are going to listen to Rex Mundi. This is another release to the big pile of uninteresting Black Metal albums. Next one please…

1 Star Rating

Killer Instinct
Vae Victus
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In Flagrante Delicto
What Lies Beneath
Childish Fears
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Unholy Ritual
Erevos Reaper Of Time - Vocals
Trauma Distorted Sacriledge - Guitars
Q_Snc Architect Of Chaosmos Supernal - Synths
Drakhon Devourer Of Celestial Ethos - Bass
Ad Ventus Herald Of Unspoken Aeons - Guitars
Talos Mechanical Blasphemy - Drums
Record Label: Emotion Art Music


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