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Unisonic - Light Of Dawn

Light Of Dawn
by Rob Goulding at 22 August 2014, 11:41 AM

In 2012 the German Power Metal band UNISONIC released their debut album "Unisonic”, featuring ex-Helloween Legends Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen. Naturally with this being the first studio album since "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2" that they had collaborated on, expectations were high.

Upon the album’s release it was apparent that this was a very different band, which to me, was unsure of its musical identity and which was still very much under construction.

"Light of Dawn" however is the album which 2012's "Unisonic" failed to deliver. Here stands a Power Metal band confident with whom they are. Right from the beginning, with its majestic and atmospheric introduction, "Veinte 2.0" cascades flawlessly into furious, yet melodically precise guitar riffs complimented by the unmistakable soaring voice of Michael Kiske; a voice which sounds remarkably untouched by time.

Songs such as "Exceptional" and "For the Kingdom" lyrically enforce Kiskes’ intensions of creating Metal music with a positive and uplifting message, providing some genuinely catchy and enjoyable choruses. "For the Kingdom", in particular, boasts a Thrashy, Speed Metal riff and one hell of a punchy chorus.

The album continues to impress with enjoyable mid tempo songs such as "Not Gonna Take it No More" which performed by any other band would feel camp and cheesy but from UNISONIC, feels quite earnest.

The track "Night of the Long Knives" is a shockingly, dark song for UNISONIC dealing with a particularly horrific period of German history (Nazism in particular). The track begins with a melancholy introduction with Kiskes’ vocals taking a more sombre tone, eventually picking up into a poignant and interesting metal track.

The rest of the album continues with the uplifting tone with very few surprises or deviations. The album has some moments of exceptional beauty and awe, the guitar styles of both Kai Hansen and Mandy Meyer complimenting each other perfectly, the perfect blend of fast, chunky metal riffing and elegant classical melody presents a perfect merging of talents into an uplifting and memorable album performed by true giants of the genre.

3 Star Rating

1. Venite 2.0
2. Your Time Has Come
3. Exceptional
4. For the Kingdom
5. Not Gonna Take Anymore
6. Night of the Long Knives
7. Find Shelter
8. Blood
9. When the Deed Is Done
10. Throne of the Dawn
11. Manhunter
12. You and I
Michael Kiske - Lead Vocals
Kai Hansen - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mandy Meyer - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Ward - Bass, Backing Vocals
Kosta Zafiriou - Drums
Record Label: EarMusic / Edel Records


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