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Unleashed – Odalheim Award winner

by Jorge “The Zarto” Zamudio at 05 April 2012, 1:29 PM

And finally UNLEASHED has returned! Stronger, louder, harder, and pretty sure better. This album has been one of the greatest surprises of the year so far, and not because it’s something different or new, it’s clearly classic Death Metal, this is old school!!!, and for a fan it’s delightful to have some of these songs still hanging around in the current time.

The 11 tracks are full of technique, remembering why UNLEASHED are one of those groups that reminds the pride inside the metal scene, the drums are fast and loud, always staying good for the rhythms of each and every song, managing the tempo changes pretty fine and making you bang your head. The bass lines are strong, but the guitar riffs clearly take the ovation here: catchy as hell, not in the melodic side, brutal and well written, using fast and mid-paced tempos to catch your attention, mixed with tremolos and some fantastic solos, even some dark acoustic guitars here and there, the voice of Hedlund is as good as always, one of the best vocals in the Death Metal genre, understandable, raw, and aggressive. The production is remarkable, nothing else to say.

Low points: the creativity in the names of the songs, this may be something not important, but names like “Finbulwinter”, “Gathering the Battalions” and “Vinland”, are just something that has been made before. UNLEASHED to me it is like MOTORHEAD, always making good and strong releases, using a formula that have worked for years, and sometimes that’s better than experimenting with some bullshit that only makes the band to lose its essence. The only thing left to say: Raise your hammer, get ready for the battle, and let’s destroy some fucking ears.

4 Star Rating

1. Fimbulwinter
2. Odalheim
3. White Christ
4. The Hour of Defeat
5. Gathering the Battalions
6. Vinland
7. Rise of the Maya Warriors
8. By Celtic and British Shores
9. The Soil of Our Fathers
10. Germania
11. The Great Battle of Odalheim     
Johnny Hedlund -Bass, Vocals
Anders Schultz - Drums
Tomas Olsson - Guitars
Fredrik Folkare- Guitars
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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