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Unleashed - Hammer Battalion (CD)

Hammer Battalion
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 July 2008, 1:56 PM

Since I am already aware of the holocaust that the band's previous album Midvinterblot caused to the Metal scene due to its extreme heaviness and fine quality, I was more than glad to lay my hands on the promo CD of UNLEASHED's latest full-length effort Hammer Battalion. By the way, really nice and descriptive title. Don't you agree?

The Swedish Death Metal beasts return two years after their incredible last album to knock us out again with an album full of war hymns and Viking passion! The band has offered many classic albums to the genre like their great debut Where No Life Dwells (1991) and their sophomore full-length effort Shadows In The Deep (1992).

To tell you the truth, the album is amazing and features some fine Death Metal which is unfortunately… at a really fast tempo, something that the Swedish metallers haven't used us to. That's the only thing that was a slight disappointment for me. UNLEASHED are known for their mid tempo Death Metal warcries that sound like an army marching through your house. This time it's not the same. The speed is way up high with only a few exceptions.

Regarding the rest 'sections' f this album everything looks and sounds like UNLEASHED. Especially when you reach the fourth track of this album, Hammer Battalion, you will realize that the Swedish Viking warriors are still a fucking merciless war machine! You have to read the lyrics while listening to this song! Armed with a heavy as hell sound and some great riffing, Sweden's Death Metal gods are marching towards victory and you can follow them or die trying to beat them!

Great leads, relentless drumming and barbaric vocals are the ingredients that make this album sound like a Metal war tank! In my opinion the band didn't mange to match the gloriousness of Midvinterblot, but Hammer Battalion remains a classic UNLEASHED album whose power can crush your bones and leave you begging for death!

3 Star Rating

The Greatest Of All Lies
Long Before Winter's Call
Your Children Will Burn
Hammer Battalion
This Day Belongs To Me
Marching Off To War
Entering The Hall Of The Slain
Black Horizon
Carved In Stone
Warriors Of Midgard
Midsummer Solstice
Home Of The Brave
I Want You Dead
Johnny Hedlund - Vocals, Bass
Tomas Masgard - Guitar
Fredrik Folkare - Guitar
Anders Schultz - Drums
Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer


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