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Unleashed - Midvinterblot (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 02 December 2006, 12:03 PM

So, this review is from a Death Metal fan to Death Metal fans. I think that the name Unleashed rings a bell to all the deathsters out there! If you listen to Death Metal and you are not even aware of this incredible band, just go listen to something else. So, one of the most historical Death Metal bands is back with an album that will blow your brains to the wall! Still not convinced? Read below and you will understand why I am saying those words…
Formed in 1989, Unleashed have been one of the most influential Death Metal bands. Let's not forget that they were one of the first few Death Metal bands, which wrote songs about Vikings and Scandinavian heritage in general. Their first album, Where No Life Dwells, was released back in 1991. Since then, they have released six more full-length albums, two live albums and one box set (not that this really matters). After leaving Century Media, Unleashed signed a contract with SPV Records. Now, with a new label by their side, they release their eighth full-length album and show us that nothing can bring these Swedish guys down!
I couldn't find what midvinterblot means, but I know that blot stands for sacrifice in Swedish. This word may have something to do with one of Carl Larsson's paintings. Anyway, that's not the point right now. The point is that the Swedish Death Metal titans are back. After the just good Sworn Allegiance album (2004), Unleashed are here for one more time to show that they can still defend their name and history as a band. Let's start with the production, which is a classic Death Metal one. Not incredible and polished, nor shitty and raw in a bad way. It is just the production that fits best in Midvinterblot's content. Great riffing and guitar work in general, relentless drumming that gives the tracks just what they need by making them fast and furious or groovy and catchy and very good bass lines. All of them contribute to make a great Death Metal record that shows that even though Death Metal lacks of fresh ideas, it still knows how to make a metalhead's ears bleed! I keep listening to the album and I can't stop headbanging with the great riffs it contains! I haven't seen this band live, but I surely can imagine what happens in the pit!
So, fans of Death Metal, this album is calling you. You must listen to it! You must add this record to your collection! Allegiance sworn to Death Metal! Allegiance sworn to Unleashed!

4 Star Rating

Blood Of Lies
This Is Our World Now
We Must Join With Him
In Victory Or Defeat
Triumph Or Genocide
The Avenger
Salvation For Mankind
Psycho Killer
The Witch
I Have Sworn Allegiance
Age Of The Warrior
New Dawn Rising
Loyalty And Pride
Valhalla Awaits
Johnny Hedlund - Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Folkare - Guitar
Thomas Olsson - Guitar
Anders Schultz - Drums
Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer


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