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Unlight - Death Consecrates With Blood (CD)

Death Consecrates With Blood
by Yiannis Doukas at 12 February 2009, 11:32 AM

A Black Metal band (at least they say so) from Germany in their fourth full length are UNLIGHT. Death Consecrates With Blood fails to disturb even a little my attention's liquid jar and I guess the same will go for you because:
  1. In most songs, it's useless to make a catalogue with specific parts and riffs, the band steals things from IMMORTAL mainly from the At The Heart Of Winter and after era. Yes, it's a good influence but here is something more disappointing than a tribute band.
  2. Some riffs are complete childish, give the impression that can be written in the toilet during a limply crap.
  3. Their musical approach is total commercial, with the bad meaning of this word. Clean production without power or something that could give a specific identity and songs mostly to satisfy the needs of superficially Black thrashing funs without depth.
Some nice parts that maybe can listen in this disc will be vaporized after the sixth song and you will come forward a boredom orgy. The only positive facts are some ideas that goes to BELPHEGOR although are 666 times worst or the stolen ones form SLAYER in Dancing Upon The Bones Of A Naive Perception and the ANNIHILATOR in the begin of Mendacious Messiah that is followed by a plastic blast. The devil may care!
Now, because IMMORTAL even in their Nuclear Blast period was a great band and of the Thrash background that UNLIGHT carries I will put them a middle rating plus and mostly of the name NIFELHEIM in their myspace page. Nothing else important can be said.

2 Star Rating

Death Consecrates With Blood
Becoming The Ungodly Sin
That Old Black Magick Spell
The Passing Of The Black Storms
Carnal Baptism
Dancing Upon The Bones Of A Naive Perception
Bestow The Blessings Of Hell Upon Us
Enthrone Night
Mendacious Messiah
Dead Angel Innocence
Blaspherion - Guitar, Vocals
Lord Grond - Drums
Tartaros - Bass
Necron - Guitar
Record Label: Massacre Records


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