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Unprocessed – Gold

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 01 September 2022, 6:37 AM

“Gold has always been one of the most valuable raw materials on the planet. A metal that fascinates mankind with its special purity and magical brilliance, and that has driven entire generations of alchemists mad trying to transform base materials into pure beauty – a transformation that UNPROCESSED has now achieved on their new album. With their futuristic hybrid mix of Pop, Rock, and Metal, the quartet has created a completely new genre within the heavy community. After their brilliant live premiere at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, UNPROCESSED now heralds the next step in the evolution of modern metal on “Gold.” The album contains 16 tracks.

“Rain” is the first cut. The guitar parts are simulated to sound like rain falling. The vocals are soothing and melodic. It’s a fitting opener and introduction to the album. “Redwine” is another smooth offering, that is until the heavy riff comes trouncing in. Like a shadow in the night, it disappears as if it was never there in the first place. “The Longing” has those Djent qualities in the guitar and bass work that I have to come to expect from the band. The vocals are mostly melancholy until just before the final chorus, when harsh vocals roar up. “Orange Grover” is yet another mellow offering, with Djent tones bubbling in the background. I like the embracement of melody, but there are no hard hitting ones that stand out so far. Heavier tones come in towards the end.

“Mint” reminds me of the softer side of a band like NOVELISTS. The melodies mix well with the heavy electronic sound. “Snake” is a bit experimental, with Pop sounding vocals and some electronica in the background. The album is nearly half over, and besides the occasional Djent heaviness, this is an album very close to Pop music. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s just pretty different than their previous albums. “Closer” is yet another serene song with flashes of heaviness, especially from David Levy on bass. His bass work is definitely one of the best parts of the band. “Velvet” is exactly as the title suggests…a gentle and fluid song with some odd parts here and there. “Scorpio” features a more succinct and accessible melody line, but these mellow songs are starting to blend together a bit.

“Dinner” features more of the heavy Djent sound I have come to know from the band, and has a crescendo so at least the song has some dynamism to it. “Ocean” features some meaty bass notes to go along with the bright melodies. This song has a thicker structure and like the ocean, the cool waves wash over you as you frolic in the sun. “Fabulist” is strong song that combines heavy, slapped bass notes with charming melodies. The second half of the album appears to be a bit better than the first. “Berlin” is the longest on the album, at just under five-minutes in length. Heavy electronica combines with the tranquil vocals, and you can hear the band’s musicianship a bit better here. This heavier offering gives you the kick in the ass you would expect.

The title track closes the album, quite similar to the others. I’m not sure what the band is trying to accomplish so far with these songs. Many of them are quite lovely, but even leaving the Metal label aside, I am not really hearing a new genre at all. While I admire the band’s willingness to create their own path (I really do like it when bands change and evolve), many of the songs lack that punch that is just as effective in Pop music as it is in the world of Metal. Sixteen songs with a similar sound is a lot to take in, and I feel like the band could have left three or four off the album. It was good, but could have been better.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Rain
2. Redwine
3. The Longing
4. Orange Grove
5. Mint
6. Snake
7. Closer
8. Velvet
9. Scorpio
10. Dinner
11. The Game
12. Ocean
13. Fabulist
14. Portrait
15. Berlin
16. Gold
Manuel Gardner Fernandes – Vocals, Guitars
Christoph Schultz – Guitars
Christopher Talosi – Guitars
David Levy – Bass
Leon Pfeifer – Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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