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Unprocessed - Perception

by Craig “Thrashing Assault” Rider at 30 March 2017, 4:50 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: UNPROCESSED; signed via Dreamcircle Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Progressive Metal, on their 2nd sophomore album entitled “Perception”. (released October 30th, 2016)

Since formation in 2013; the quintet in question have only 1 album behind them, I'm introduced to their 2nd release, “Perception”. Featuring 6 digestible tracks of Prog/Djent/Experimental madness; ranging at around 32 minutes, I acquaint myself with a very interesting formulaic in unprecedented aesthetics. Prog slowly “grows” on me with every new quartet I discover, and slowly in time; I start to appreciate it every day, with its intricately designed balance of unique musicianship and instrumentation. The band flawlessly fuses Djent technicalities into the already practical sub-genre in place; intertwined with melodic songwriting that may deceive some as cryptic, however it is arguably approved upon if you just put your mind to it. As a rabid thrasher; it took me some time too. “Präludium” opens up the record with unconditional results - an abundance of ambient formalities abound, mixed with epic polyrhythmic antics, that surprises this newcomer.

Consisting of 3 guitarists Manuel Gardner Fernandes (also on vocals), Christoph Schultz, and Christopher Talosi all showcase complex flair in their distinctive contributions to Prog/Djent incredibly, nothing sounds distorted or confusing; just fabulously well-constructed in this dexterous trio. “Ocean Of Silence” is another elegant jam, efficiently delivering an immaculate sound production from pummeling powerhouse Simon Lorenz on bass and Jan Aimène on drums; sufficiently provide graceful distinction that raises the bar for those low expectations I once had. “Life. A Prologue Of Death” & “Death. An Epilogue Of Life” are 2 more delicate submissions; atmosphere that is highly audible, combined with a funky characteristic with a groovy substance – this acquisition was built to unite all indifferences of sub-genres to one exquisite form of hardcore intricacy.

Desert By The Sea” & “Perspective” conclude this extraordinarily constructed record with divine clarity; I was very surprised with this MESHUGGAH-esquire influenced band, and even though it was short…it delivered a lot of promise and high praise from yours truly. If you're into the aforementioned influenced band; then I suggest you check out UNPROCESSED as they deal with a great load of talent.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Präludium
2. Ocean of Silence
3. Life. A Prologue of Death
4. Death. An Epilogue of Life
5. Desert by the Sea
6. Perspective
Manuel Gardner Fernandes - Vocals, Guitars
Christoph Schultz - Guitars
Christopher Talosi - Guitars
Simon Lorenz - Bass
Jan Aimène - Drums
Record Label: Dreamcircle Records


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