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Unreal Overflows - False Warfare

Unreal Overflows
False Warfare
by Rebecca Miller at 18 April 2013, 1:29 PM

“False Welfare” is the second album from Spanish Death Metal band UNREAL OVERFLOWS with their first, “Architecture Of Incomprehension”, having been released in 2006. They’re described as Technical Death Metal, but they lean very heavily towards the Progressive side of things (without the long songs).

There’s something about that combination that just doesn’t work for me, as you might have gathered from my rating. It doesn’t feel coherent, even for something that’s Proggy, and it seems to me that it can’t quite decide what it wants to do. They’ve got the technical side down, there’s certainly nothing wrong with how they play their instruments, but in my opinion, it’s just not been put together all that well. Now I’m well aware that Prog has it’s noodly bits, but when you’ve got full on Death Metal, and all of a sudden there’s this quite acoustic bit, which really does feel like it comes out of nowhere, it just jars you out of the listening experience. Although to be fair, the second half of the album is definitely better than the first half. It’s probably the vocals more than the music itself that makes it Death Metal, but the album as a whole just didn’t sit right for me – it felt disjointed, and maybe even rushed.

Unfortunately, my favorite track was also the shortest one, and the final song of the album – “Primary Instinct”. It created a great atmosphere, and I think that it would have worked far better as the first track of the album – to set it all up, and create that atmosphere which might have made the album a bit better overall. I mentioned the vocals earlier, and whilst they weren’t all that brilliant, they did the job. Technically, the instruments were good, but the drums did sound a bit off at times.

As a whole, the album didn’t impress me, but that last track showed something very promising about this band, and it’ll be interesting to see where UNREAL OVERFLOWS go next.

2 Star Rating

1. Rotten Mentality
2. When Time Is Up
3. Without Secrets
4. Last Failure
5. Where Going To Nothing
6. Instinct
7. Out Of Sphere
8. A Few Eager Men
9. Primary Instinct
Zoilo Santiago – Vocals/Guitar
Diego Bea – Guitar
Jorge Rosales – Drums
Jose Gonçalves - Bass
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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