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Unreal Terror - Hard Incursion (Reissue)

Unreal Terror
Hard Incursion (Reissue)
by Jeff Legg at 12 August 2014, 2:21 PM

With only two releases under their belt, UNREAL TERROR is a classic example of a band with a ton of potential that never got to experience their time in the spotlight. And now, thanks to Jolly Roger Records releasing the re-mastered, re-issue of their only full length album, “Hard Incursion”, one of the hidden treasures of the mid 80’s is once again unleashed upon the world. Had they had just the right promotion and a little bit of funding behind them, these guys could have made waves in the heavy metal arena; instead, they were two and out. Hailing from Italy, they played the sound that catapulted many early 80’s bands into stardom and the only difference between those bands and this band is that UNREAL TERROR just never got their break. Bands like QUEENSRYCHE, JUDAS PRIEST, and IRON MAIDEN, all sounded like UNREAL TERROR at some point in their early days but grew out of that raw “garage” sound and evolved into the legends that they are today. While others sold millions upon millions of albums and are still touring the world and playing to sellout crowds, this Italian hard rock band was forever sentenced to obscurity.

In 1985, UNREAL TERROR, consisting of Luciano Palermo on vocals, Mario Di Donato on guitar, Giuseppe Continenza on guitar, Enio Nicolini on bass, and Silvio Canzano on drums, released the EP “Heavy and Dangerous” and immediately had the Italian hard rock scene talking. Playing a progressive, guitar driven style of metal with mid to high octave vocals, reminiscent of FATES WARNING, they were on the track to stardom After eagerly getting back in the studio and recording their one and only full-length album, they released “Hard Incursion” in 1986, hoping that this would be the one that got them their big break. Unfortunately, they never gained any traction on the tough road to success, and as they say, the rest is history. The re-issue contains four bonus tracks and is available for the first time on CD format. If you’re into the old school sound of QUEENSRYCHE, IRON MAIDEN, and FATES WARNING, this re-issue is one that you don’t want to miss. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

3 Star Rating

1. Fighter
2. Topkapi
3. At the End of the Last Chapter
4. Iron Curtain
5. Pulling the Switch
6. Lucy Cruel
7. Brain Washing
8. Waiting for the Light
9. Hard Incursion
10. Black Belt (Bonus Track)
11. Ship of Fools (Bonus Track)
12. Pegasus Myth (Bonus Track)
13. Giant of the Sea (Bonus Track)
Luciano Palermo– Vocals
Mario Di Donato – Guitar
Giuseppe Continenza – Guitar
Enio Nicolini – Bass
Silvio Canzano – Drums
Record Label: Jolly Roger Records


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