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Unreqvited - Mosaic II: La Dèteste Et La Dètresse (Hate And Distress)

Mosaic II: La Dèteste Et La Dètresse (Hate And Distress)
by Craig Rider at 17 February 2020, 3:46 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: UNREQVITED; signed via Prophecy Productions, hailing from Canadian grounds - performing Atmospheric Black Metal, on the soloist's 4th album entitled: "Mosaic II: La Dèteste Et La Dèstresse Hate And Distress" (released 10th of January, 2020).

Since formation on October 29, 2016; the soloist in question has 4 albums in his discography so far…I am introduced to his 4th album entitled: "Mosaic II: La Dèteste Et La Dèstresse (Hate And Distress)". 7 tracks ranging at around 51:00; UNREQVITED arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Atmospheric Black Metal developments, "Nightfall" begins the record – conveying ambient harmonies and instrumental melodies that rivet with rhythmic sensations of dark blasphemy. Embellishing on melancholic soundscapes, ritualistic synth remedies & a barraged frenzy of blisteringly distorted flamboyancy. Fabricating gnarly grit, concrete leads and atmospheric synergies that soar with quintessential momentum. Primitively manifesting meticulous ramifications while shined with outrè panache & versatile vehemence.

Consisting of Ghost who performs on everything; the singular multitasker revolves around a meaty perseverence of ominously symbolic songwriting musicianship. While there aren't as many vocal cords, he excels into an extreme agnozing of typical post-Black Metal persistence. Showcasing rawly rough throatiness, while smothered with screaming snarls and high-pitched lungs. "Wasteland" demonstrates complexly dextrous dynamics, experimenting electronica foundations and a borderline forge of lamenting lacerations that thunder with raspy substance. Rollicking with punchy nimbleness, swift yet monolithic organics & rambunctiously battering drums conjure into a claustrophobic edge ascending into a trippy slab of solidly sublime systematics. "Pale" offers mesmerizing keyboardist elements, implementing inventive doses of jumpy fretworks & diligently detailed yet uplifting stability with salubrious solace.

"Disorder" executes equally eerily enchanting bewitchments; casting a contrast establishment of daunting orchestration, overarched with sombre strikes that pursuit sulpherous assaults and boistrous hooks of extreme fluidity & polished sound production persistence, even if some programming can feel overpowered - that transistion could be due to the varied magnitude of the profusely robust magnetism that ensues. While the back end of the record overall concludes "Mosaic II: La Dèstresse Et La Dèstresse (Hate And Distress)" with the 3 part "Transience" starting off with "Transience I: The Ambivalent"; which composes epic enlightenments of atmosphere, entrenched with wonderously prodegious vibes moulded into a generating formulaic of compressed flatlines and crunchy bass audibilities. Flaired into an elegantly exquisite experience of jumpy yet jarring results.

"Transience II: The Gentle Void" immersively integrates an enjoyable segment of pianist performances; juxtaposed with cathartic euphony, and a maelstrom of mellifluous yet lathartic imagination. Still rendering steely precision, seamless distinction & distinguished captivation. "Transience III: Static" completes this trilogy with more foreboding effectiveness, transpiring with triggering calamities of craftsmanship finesse & firepower expertise. Energized with a mindfield of rich talent, remarkably splendid potential & while fuelled with immensely hybrid dimensions in which portray proficient skill. Bottom line; I found UNREQVITED to be an interesting discovery, and Ghost certainly excelled himself for this singular project… revelled with potently vibrant quirks & snappy virtuosity. it is a Black Metal monumental and for those looking for a uniquely zestful yet tormenting style of DSBM (Depressive Black Metal for the newbies) all things relating, this is for you.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Nightfall
2. Wasteland
3. Pale
4. Disorder
5. Transience I: The Ambivalent
6. Transience II: The Gentle Void
7. Transience III: Static
Ghost - Everything
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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