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Unsacred - False Light

False Light
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 22 December 2014, 9:45 AM

Like Dr. House would say: interesting!

Yes, very interesting and charming is this album, the first one, from North-American trio UNSACRED, called “False Light”.

The album is interesting due its mix of a harsh and raw way of playing Black Metal with some influence and aspects from Crustcore and Hardcore. And no, it isn’t bad as some orthodox and puritan fans could think of. It’s very good, to be totally honest, and besides, it’s a bit raw by now, due the band’s age (it was founded on 2011), it can render great fruits in a very near future. Harsh and creamed vocals like the ones from SWOBM, raw and bitter guitar riffs (but in a Black Metal insight, it is very good, mind you all), heavy and pretty simple bass and drums works. Their musical insight, sometimes is darkened and pretty melancholic, other ones is fast and brutal, but always very good.

The sound quality is the same one used on earlier Black Metal and Crust albums, raw and rude. Of course we can hear all the instruments and musical arrangements, but it could be a bit cleaner as well.

Their work needs to mature a bit, but by now they show a good work. “False Light” has very good riffs in a violent and aggressive song, “Idle” has a more Hardcore tempo (as well as Hardcore drumming), and the same Hardcore/Crust vision is presented on “Plague”. “Erode” has again a more evident Crustcore feeling, with very good riffs. “Void II” starts a bit slower than the previous tracks, but it become a little faster in a more Black Metal trend soon. The same occurs on “Sun”, but the bitter and slow tempo endures from the beginning to the end, some good guitar riffs. “Cage”, the last track, is brutal and fast, with a good drumming again, along with extreme vocals.

A good first coming, and let’s hope they will return soon.

3 Star Rating

1. False Light
2. Idle
3. Plague
4. Erode
5. Void Part II
6. Sun
7. Cage
Hunter - Vocals, bass
Miguel - Guitars
Scott Bartley - Drums
Record Label: Forcefield Records


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