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Unsafe - Enter Dark Places

Enter Dark Places
by Chelsea Jennings at 29 July 2015, 1:15 PM

UNSAFE is a Thrash/Death/Groove Metal band from Limoges, France. UNSAFE has released "Enter Dark Places", which has been released via Mighty Music/Target Group.

What UNSAFE has released is a hard, heavy-hitting band that have taken a no-nonsense approach to heavy metal in both the Thrash/Death genres. The topics of the album are very Death Metal ranging from dark places to negativity to years of life that have been wasted to having one's mind controlled by outside factors. Tracks such as "Enter Dark Places", "The Final Stages", "Negativity", Virtual Jail", and "Dark Side" give off a very dark Death Metal feel to it.

UNSAFE have the screaming, guttural vocals, and the "fuck this world" attitude that all social orders impose on people. The guitar riffs are skull-crushing and the drumbeats drive the music forward. While this is all well and good, UNSAFE at the same time feel like something that has "been done" before.

It's kind of monotonous after a few tracks. All the tracks listened to sound the same. It feels like something that many Death Metal bands have done before. It's the same sound, same topics, and same "method" every other death metal band in the past has taken to the music. Some originality from UNSAFE would really elevate their music to the next level. Unfortunately, we don't get enough of that originality on "Enter Dark Places" to make UNSAFE anything that stands out from the rest of the genre.

2 Star Rating

1. Enter Dark Places
2. Watch Out
3. The Final Stages
4. Negativity
5. Intentional Homocide
6. A Better World
7. Virtual Jail
8. Shores Of Infinity
9. On The Edge Of A Precipice
1-. Stimulate My Mind
11. Dark Side
12. Wasted Years
13. Half-Wit
Stephanie - Vocals
Lionel - Guitars
Niko - Guitars
Mattiew - Bass
Xavier - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music/Target Group


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