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Unsaint – Watch Them Bleed

Watch Them Bleed
by Rob Kuhler at 14 December 2014, 8:29 PM

I’m going to get to the point straight away, “Watch Them Bleed” is a well-rounded EP for the fans of Thrash, Death and Heavy Metal alike. Throughout it is laden with riffs and has moments of melodic hooks that keep your head banging for 20 minutes.

The opening track “Machine Gun Boy” is a punch in the face that will certainly grab your attention. It’s fast paced Thrash just the way we like it that also features some very tasty, good, old fashion guitar solos. (I am a guitarist that loves a solo)

Next, with “Sucked Deep Beneath” we are taken back to the roots of Thrash with much simpler, stripped back riffs played as aggressively as humanly possible, you can mosh to this one.

“Lucifire (We Bring The Light)” is where I really got my SKELETONWITCH fix. This track also hit me with a sense of ‘Somber Eyes’ era SHADOWS FALL, with its fast riffs, chant worthy chorus’ and well placed melodic solo sections.

Into the second half of the EP now and after all the brutality, “Gasoline Redemption” gives a moment for reflection with some slower riffage, very reminiscent of PANTERA and with Anselmo-esque vocals to match in the latter part of the song, this one is a real head banger.

The final track “Apostatic” is another hard hitter from the off and with the longest intro on the EP clocking in at around 50 seconds UNSAINT do a good job of getting to the point. It’s in this track also that things get a little darker and there are elements of Death and Black Metal thrown in the mix that just adds to the intensity and brings the EP to an exciting, climactic end.

Overall UNSAINT’s sound is raw and punchy and has a generally good DIY feel to it that gives a sense of humanity to the listener, also a taste of what to expect from a live performance. The parts are well defined and nothing is overwhelming which is what you expect from a good Thrash record.

This being my first experience of UNSAINT, I do intent to keep an eye out for these guys as it was a nice break from the some of the overproduced, quite frankly comical imitations of this genre that are around these days.

4 Star Rating

1. Machine Gun Boy
2. Sucked Deep Beneath
3. Lucifire (We Bring The Light)
4. Gasoline Redemption
5. Apostatic
Eldricht - Vocals
Pakk - Guitars, 2nd Vocals
Androl - Drums
Dziko - Guitars
Owca – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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