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Unsilent - Obscure & Profane

Obscure & Profane
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 21 August 2020, 12:13 PM

UNSILENT formed in Santiago, Chile, in 2004. This Black Metal trio haven’t released an album in ten years. But, now they are back with “Obscure & Profane,” which contains eleven tracks. “Black Spells ov Death” opens the album, with vile spoken word and nefarious background atmosphere. The main riff then hits, and it’s a whirlwind of guitar, bass and drums, with vocal shrieks. The production is somewhat muted, as can be expected from these older Black Metal bands, trying to stay true to the genre. “Crowns ov Blood” opens with more of that harrowing sound, but it really hasn’t distanced itself from the previous track much. There is some riff variation here and there, but those drums are relentless. The guitar solo is unexpected, but not played in key.

“Endless Journey” is more of the same. Man I am growing tired of one Black Metal band after another all playing very similar sounding songs. “Insorcism (Great Darkness)” opens with a slightly slower cadence. It builds a bit into a faster riff and some serious cymbal crashes, but overall stays within the boundaries of the genre, playing safe to the FWOBM purists. “Are you the Creator” is similar in both sound, pacing and rhythm as the other tracks. They aren’t even trying to create any separation from the thousands of peers in the genre. “Chaotic Madness Dimension” opens with some vocal moans/chants. At least there is some variation here. But, the chaos returns pretty quickly after.

“Morbid Obsessions” opens with slow, lumbering guitar strikes and shrieking lead guitar notes. This time the lead guitar solo is a little more in sync with the song. “The Blackest Spells ov Death” closes the album. It has a faster pace and the drummer’s arms are about to fall off here from the constant timekeeping he is responsible for. His feet never stop; he’s like the energizer bunny. Overall, this for me was your run-of-the-mill Black Metal…there’s nothing special about it and it does not stand out from the thousands of other bands out there, sans perhaps the guitar solos, which are unusual in the genre, but he often plays out of key. Unless you are a Trve Kvlt Black Metal fan, I would recommend skipping this album.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 1
Production: 5

1 Star Rating

1. Black Spells ov Death
2. Crowns ov Blood
3. Endless Journey
4. Insorcism (Great Darkness)
5. Manifesto
6. Are you the Creator
7. I am Holocaust
8. Chaotic Madness Dimension
9. Obscure & Profane
10. Morbid Obsessions
11. The Blackest Spells ov Death
Alvaro U – Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Francisco L – Drums
Cristian – Guitars
Record Label: Australis Records


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