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Unsouled - Evolve Award winner

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 July 2013, 11:06 AM

Mankind’s prospect of evolution as its key to its own pending destruction, well it depends I guess. As we develop our surroundings, abolishing natural resources for the cause of progress, we may as well sign our own Death warrants, our imminent mutation into monstrosities, without even changing our physical forms (and not the zombie predictions as you might have probably crossed your minds). But on the other hand, there is also the other side of things, the full half of the glass and something to look for. Yet again, each individual will be the judge of that, and no one should ever be euphoric. When I checked out the Spanish UNSOULED, along with their technical deity in the progression of Heavy and Thrash Metal, I believe that I saw the several results of that same advancement and the will to be immaculate. Their second album “Evolve”, via Art Gates Records, isn’t just your high altitude methodological musical morality featuring repercussions of the foremost arts in Metal such as DREAM THEATER, DEATH, ARTILLERY, ANUBIS GATE, later MASTODON and SLAYER under a single roof, it is also a pack of heeds and warnings, pictures from far beyond, possible occurrences that might result in a bitter pit worse than hell if not acted upon. Don’t exactly know if I hit the spot, however, as always, everything is up for further discussion.

Heading far down towards the depths of the music, I grinned as if I was blessed. As I have expressed in the past, I think not long ago you will probably read it in one of my upcoming reviews; there is nothing better in Progressive Metal, even while being blended with other genres, which is less colourful with technique and more down to earth as a flowing current of music. When it comes to the auspicious UNSOULED, I felt lucky to being able to enjoy both astounding worlds amazingly entwined, total technical mastery, a bellyful of talents, and utter sense of diversity when channelling the impact of Metal’s music potency and beauty, along with well written song structures and incredible appreciation towards melodic proceedings and catchy power sources as wonderful ignition points. “Evolve” was one of those affairs where I was emblazoned by the entire band’s lineup, absolutely an extremely varied merry gathering for open minded Metalheads that don’t mind taking in so much at a time as the last thing that UNSOULED can be considered is oblivious or apparent, well probably a tiny little as their pieces of art are still songs. Carlos Ayuso enslaved my mind with his drumming and made me beg for more of his craftiness around the skins while shifting time signatures like an angered steed, José Carlos Asensio lavished a series tasty bass buzzes, José Gil and Javier Fernández slayed with mature Thrash riffery alongside nifty melodies and semi-MAIDENish soloing that torn me into petite fragments. The former also displayed quite a singing voice with a raw and raspy toned Jacob Hansen or a brutal Soren Adamsen, casting his remarkable echoes and mid-range showmanship with enough to be called composure. It will be tough to get secluded from these guys merits and nearly flawless skill sets.

I thought about talking about each song that I admired out of this album in length, yet I decided that it will be an error on my account. In order to start taking about such complex songs, it would take a ledger and I guess that you guys are people of the world with time tables, so why risk it? Therefore, I will convey my overall astonishment of this tantalizing release that got me dazed and somewhat confused. “Tracert”, “AlieNNation”, “Unmechanize the Complex”, “Don't Cross the Border” and “0day” is a digestion of pure fury, search for truth, provoking drama, out of the box musical skills, commanding vocal fronting and enough messages to go around for you all to interpret. UNSOULED surprised me as if coming from behind going “booh!”, “Evolve” is one of my leading candidates for 2013’s album of the year, salute amigos.

4 Star Rating

1. Built-in Obsolescence
2. Melting People
3. 0day
4. AlieNNation
5. Galapagos
6. Timing Station
7. Tracert
8. Unmechanize the Complex
9. Don't Cross the Border
10. Autumn Behind the Glass
José Gil – Vocals / Guitars
José Carlos Asensio - Bass
Carlos Ayuso - Drums
Javier Fernández - Guitars
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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