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Unsun – Clinic For Dolls

Clinic For Dolls
by Maria Voutiriadou at 16 October 2010, 7:10 PM

When I was listening for the very first time to the new UNSUN album, many questions came up in my mind, like ‘could a marriage disorientate an artist?’, or even ‘how badly a musician could be affected for her love’s sake?’ So, the Polish duo consists of Mauser (DIES IRAE, VADER) on guitars and his wife, Aya on the front-woman’s main role (which you can see on the cover artwork) and another one gothic Metal band was born, 4 years ago; it’s not by accident though, that the band hasn’t reached yet the big success. “Clinic For Dolls” is the second album after the indifferent “The End Of Life” of 2008, and here, we have to see whether UNSUN will do the same mistakes, or at least, have learned something from them.

The 10 compositions of the album range between those of so many others female fronted gothic Metal bands like SIRENIA, WITHIN TEMPTATION and ELIS, with the exemption that here, we have to deal more tensely with pop gothic elements like the catchy keyboards’ themes and the ‘light’ guitars riffs that could remind us the bad era of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY’s “Assembly” and their fading star since then. The truth is that I had a dance mood when I was listening to album’s self-titled track and I almost headbang one with the aggressive tunes of the melancholic “A Single Touch”. Unfortunately, the weak vocal abilities of Aya can not justify the entire song structure and the result (once again) could be defined as ‘indifferent’. It seems that there is a lot of inspiration between the songs (not that special though and not something you haven’t heard before), but it’s not enough to make into the crowd’s conscience.

I doubt if this CD will find the way to my stereo in the future. It’s really a shame for musicians like Mauser to be consumed in such flat albums, especially due to their glorious past. If he would have asked me which path he should have chosen between music and marriage, I would have told him that marriage makes you do strange things; in VADER things were better, after all.

2 Star Rating

  1. The Lost Way
  2. Clinic for Dolls
  3. Time
  4. Mockers
  5. Not Enough
  6. The Last Tear
  7. Home
  8. I Ceased
  9. A Single Touch
  10. Why
Aya (Anna Stefanowicz) - Vocals
Mauser (Maurycy Stefanowicz) - Guitars
Record Label: Mystic Production


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