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Until Rain - Inure Award winner

Until Rain
by Bruno Diniz at 22 June 2017, 6:20 PM

After change name twice, UNTIL RAIN, formed in 2004, released its first work in 2009 called “The Reign of Dreams”. Curiously this week is the second band of Greek origin that I review. This year the sextet releases its third full-length album entitled "Inure" not following the same line of its predecessors and being more experimental and softer. The most striking influences are definitely derived from Progressive Metal/Progressive Rock. Cons Marg (Vocals), Donna Zed (Backing Vocals), Theodore Amaxopoulos (Guitars), Lef Germenlis (Keyboards) Linus Abrahamson (Bass) and Matthew Vella (Drums) covers on their work themes like life issues, dreams and fantasy. The release was launch by Sensory Records. The production is very beautiful and well made, and I found at most two small problems related to the mixing, but these are irrelevant.

"Progressus In Idem" was the track chosen to start the album. It has a small introduction with distinct sounds followed by a piano that plays a song that reminds me of circus songs. The vocal part is introduced through a whispered chant, but it gains more aggressive and even guttural tones as the song unfolds. While "New World Fiction" has a more groovy punch, "Because Something Might Happen" is where magic really begins to happen. After about six minutes of a traditional progressive metal comes a slow and exciting instrumental, reminding me of my favorite album of the year "Orenda" of band WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN"This Fear" is a song where the suffering is highlighted in a very expressive way by the band. It Begins with a more commercial shape with chapel vocal along with piano until it becomes more aggressive until at the end. "Tearful Farewell" is a more linear song that experimentally abuses the echoes and backing vocals.

"This Solitude" and "Butterfly Invasion" demonstrate a greater sonority of Melodic Death, with several changes of tempo, While "Broken Wing" is a rather bland ballad. "Inure", the track that gives its name to the album is a true thirteen-minute masterpiece that achieves absolute peace and total brutality, a thing that many bands today try And very few succeed. UNTIL RAIN arrives at its third album as a very mature band. Some fans can miss the heavier musicality present on previous works, but the fact is that “Inure” counts with very few failures and the band performs with mastery what it is proposed, giving the listeners a very pleasant and diversified experience. Fans of bands like ANATHEMA should check out this great album.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 7
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1 - Progressus In Idem
2 - New World Ficiton
3 - Because Something Might Happen
4 - This Fear
5 - Tearful Farewell
6 - This Solitude
7 - Butterfly Invasion
8 - Broken Wing
9 - Inure
10 - Debate (Bonus Track)
Cons Marg (Vocals)
Donna Zed (Backing Vocals)
Theodore Amaxopoulos (Guitars)
Lef Germenlis (Keyboards)
Linus Abrahamson (Bass)
Matthew Vella (Drums) 
Record Label: Sensory Records


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