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Untimely Demise - Systematic Eradication

Untimely Demise
Systematic Eradication
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 17 October 2013, 6:08 PM

Forged in fire from the dirty streets of vice, facing redemption in the city of steel Saskatoon, Canadian brothers Matthew and Murray Cuthbertson have kept the sonic menace that is UNTIMELY DEMISE active since 2006, and they are poised to release their third brutal offering of full speed metal and high tech thrash - “Systematic Eradication” in a matter of time.

Once again they have fallen under the tutelage of Glen Drover who has done the production and mastering, and provided the band with the skills to get the most out of their instruments. Cory has been placed behind the drum kit, to provide the necessary balance, such that this sophomore release shows some levels of improvement and experimentation.

When I first heard their debut “City Of Steel”, I compared them to NUM SKULL, REVENANT, INSANITY ANACRUSIS, MORBID SAINT, SKULL HAMMER, VINDICATOR, WHERMACHT, and REVOCATION, given Matt's haunting and whispering vocal histrionics, and his and Sam's guitar antics. Clearly acts like the almighty DEATH, MEGADETH, VOI VOD and perhaps RAZOR have seeped into the sinews of songwriting; especially, since they have opened for many notable acts like SKELETONWITCH, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, GOATWHORE, or native homeland favourites INTO ETERNITY. All of whom would owe their success to these Canadian overlords as well as ANVIL, SACRIFICE, EXCITER, and ANNIHILATOR.

As with the debut, the album is very laconic consisting of eight punishing tracks clocking in at just over 30 minutes. Each cut has its own characteristics providing some adequate, yet visceral soloing.  “The Last Guildsman” and “A Warrior's Blood” are a bit more progressive, and suggestive, showcasing their ARCH ENEMY and MEGADETH tendencies. Beware of sailing the raging waters when the sharks and “Somali Pirates” attack. Otherwise, you will face your “Redemption” and simply rust in peace. “Navigator's Choice” is uninhibited, unrelenting aggression, which attends with a biting, sarcastic tone. ”Revolutions” is a bit lackluster, but the closing cut “Escape From Supermax” has a I.N.C. “Razorback” tinge to it, making it a bit more focused.

Like TRAINWRECK ARCHITECT or CRIMSON SHADOWS, I think the band are on the right track and being nominated in 2012 for a Sirius XM Canadian Independent Music Award for best Metal Group of the Year is not too bad either. As they begin to embark on their first blood soaked mission to conquer Europe, may this permanent vacation be an opportunity to escape from the super mixed up human condition. With vicious confrontation and with systematic eradication may they root out the weak, by making the proper navigator's choice to seize and destroy, by using all forms of heavy artillery.

3 Star Rating

1. Spiritual Embezzlement
2. The Last Guildsman
3. Somali Pirates
4. Redemption
5. Navigator's Choice
6. A Warrior's Blood
7. Revolutions
8. Escape From Supermax
Matt Cuthbertson – Vocals, Guitars
Sam Martz – Guitars
Murray Cuthbertson – Bass
Cory Thomas – Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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