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Unwise - One

by Vasilis Odontidis at 04 November 2013, 3:12 PM

“One” is the debut album of the Italian quartet UNWISE. The band exists since 2006 but their first record came to fruition now. Their music style is Heavy / Progressive Metal and it bears great similarity to FATES WARNING and especially QUEENSRYCHE. “One” is a concept album and in the band’s own words it is about the development of modern man’s conscience “against the temptations and traps of the modern world”. The album includes 13 tracks though there a few that have very small duration and act like intros to other tracks.

The album opens in a strange way with a short intro that leads to another short intro (“R.E.M.”) to the first actual song of the album “The Vision”. The next song “Safe and Sound” is the best song of “One” a beautiful chorus and a nice progression. The next bunch of songs has nothing spectacular and bear a lot of references from the genre.  In the end things are getting a bit better with “Lulla Buy” (still strange name) and “One Way Out”. “One” is the final track of the album and the longest one but has parts that are good and others that are mediocre.

I appreciate when a band tries to create an identity of its own, because that is a very tough part but the way to success. UNWISE instead play safe borrowing a lot of elements from their main influences. Sometimes things work really well but some other times it feels like “I have heard this part somewhere” and at least for me things get really strange. Also there are too many introductory parts in the album that do nothing more than fill space. However it is a fact that Italian bands have a kind of tradition in this genre and in melodic Metal in general and UNWISE do not stray that much from that path. To their advantage the album has a terrific production which really helps the situation. In general the band performs well and tight on the songs. “One” is an album that I would suggest to the fans who want to know something more about the bands of the genre but have already checked the leading bands of the genre.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro (Chef Borruso)
2. R.E.M
3. The Vision
4. Safe&Sound
5. Cold Comfort
6. The Madding Crowd
7. A Place For Thoughts
8. Metamorphosis
9. Lulla-Buy
10. Shades of Doubt
11. One Way Out
12. Zero
13. One
Alessandro Codazzi - Guitars
Roberto Pintus - Drums
Mauro Colombo - Bass
Luca Zontini - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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