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Unzucht - Rosenkreuzer

by Katarzyna Zakolska at 17 October 2013, 4:57 PM

UZUCHT is band from Lower Saxony in Germany play Gothic Rock mixed with Industrial Metal. They have released debut album “Todsünde 8“, the second album “Rosenkreuzer” was just issued by NoCut Entertainment.

“Der Versuch Zu Leben” attributed with nice electronic samples along with a fine mix of strong guitar riffs and heavenly melodic singing, I was quite impressed with the song’s catchiness and piano outro. “Kind Von Traurigkeit“ continues that same surge as the previous yet Der Schulz’s singing had me mood swining. “Rosenkreuzer”, album’s title track, is fantastic opener, a bit experimental, but soothing with industrial prowess. “Angst” there is a fierce electronic attack, reminding of some of the viciousness of RAMMSTEIN’s bombastic style. “Mit Dir Oder Ohne Dich” is a certified epic, genre diversity all around even to the edges of Punk, great energies and astounding riffery gorged with melodies. “Zwischen Den Welten” is a heavier piece yet with a blend of soothing singing that escalates into a powerful chorus stuffed with melodies. “Nur Die Ewigkeit” immersed with clean melodic singing, sounds so good in German, I also appreciated the once again mixture of electronic elements with great riffs. “Feuersturm” cracks up the heat with wild energies, a heavy stomper, profoundly impressive with a melodic chorus, like RAMMSTEIN meets OOMPH!. “Triebwerk” a little fast paced and Punky, quite the same as the previous cracker. I would also recommend on treading the fields of “Entre Dos Tierras” in Spanish of classic band HEROES DEL SILENCIO. I have heard it in different versions before, but I think this one is amazing. Stronger guitars with energetic rhythmic section and great keys make our hearts beating faster, fabulous performance by Der Schulz.

In my opinion UNZUCHT’s vision of modern Metal vibe is quite influenced by the giants of their local scene playing the same. However, it is possible that these guys are the new stars. I think that when they will record album in English that would be a great success. I feel fortunate that I could listen and discovered a new revelation in German.

4 Star Rating

1. Rosenkreuzer
2. Kind Von Traurigkeit
3. Triebwerk
4. Nur Die Ewigkeit
5. Feuersturm
6. Zwischen Den Welten
7. Das Dunkle Tier
8. Der Versuch Zu Leben
9. Angst
10. Der Untergang
11. Entre Dos Tierras
12. Nymphonie
13. Mit Dir Oder Ohne Dich
De Clercq - Guitar, Electronics, Vocals
Der Schulz - Vocals
Blaschke - Bass
Fuhrmann - Drums
Record Label: NoCut Entertainment


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