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Upon A Burning Body - The World Is My Enemy Now Award winner

Upon A Burning Body
The World Is My Enemy Now
by Alex Kirmayer at 10 September 2014, 11:12 PM

I gotta admit, I am generally not a fan of anything core related. But in this case, the San Antonio, TX based deathcore outfit have impressed me. From the first time the vocals have moved from the core screams into cleaner lines I understood who they remind me of, Swedish progressive/melodic death metal band SCAR SYMMETRY. The production on this CD is very very good, and clean, almost too clean for my liking, but that is the problem with core albums, they are too cleanly produced, it seems almost not human.
So, on to the review!

The album opens with the track “Red Razor Wrists”, that talks in my opinion of remorse and atonement, not your typical lyrics in this genre I guess, the vocals sound great, the guitars are progressive, the drums sound perfect, the music is a blend of groove, progressive, and melodic metal. The technical level of all involved is very high and although the music is pretty complex, they manage to make it still sound interesting and enjoyable. The album continues with the same blend of melodic death, and groove along the next few tracks, and it all flows nicely, until we reach the track “The New Breed”.Whoa.

Whoa. Exactly. Starting out with a stoner-ish riff, it turns into a groove metal song, that sounds and feels as if it is DAMAGEPLAN playing and not the reviewed band. Everything, from the sound, through the feel, through the PANTERA-like lyrics, screams of the later works of the late great “Dimebag” Darrel.

Just when still trying to recover from the non stop headbanging with a stupid grin on my face of the previous song, the band surprises us again. The next song is an instrumental, called “A Toda Madrè ò un Desmadrè”, which although feels like a filler, is definitely an interesting one. It's a flamenco/general spanish guitar filler. Whoa take 2.

From then on, till the end, there were no super notable songs, all the rest were similar to ones before them, which is in this case not a bad thing. All in all, great piece, looking forward to hearing even more from them.

4 Star Rating

1. Red Razor Wrists
2. Scars
3. Fountain Of Wishes
4. Bring The Rain
5. Pledge Your Allegiance
6. The New Breed
7. A Toda Madrè ò un Desmadrè
8. Judgement
9. The World Is My Enemy Now
10. Blood, Sweat and Tears(featuring Matt Heafy of Trivium)
11. "I've Earned My Time" (featuring Tyler “Telle” Smith of The World Alive)
12. Middle Finger to the World
Danny Leal - Vocals
Ruben Alvarez - Guitars
Sal Dominguez - Guitars
Rey Martinez - Bass
Ramon "Lord Cocos" Villareal – Drums
Record Label: Sumerian Records


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