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Upon a Burning Body – Straight From The Barrio

Upon a Burning Body
Straight From The Barrio
by Bruno Diniz at 11 February 2017, 4:04 PM

With a lot of energy and willingness, UPON A BURNING BODY members Danny (Vocals), Ruben (Guitar), Rey (Bass), Sal (Drums) release their new full length album titled "Straight From The Barrio" through Sumerian Records. The impression that the band is quite ambitious and maybe so has shifted focus on their predecessor "The World is My Enemy Now," which brings a some changes of themes and construction in relation to the previous albums: "Red.White.Green . And "The World is Ours". I would not like to use the word evolution here, after all, it is just a different approach, and although we find good rhythmic novelties, the band ends up making mistakes such as lack of originality and creativity that will be detailed below.

The first track on the album ''Til The Break Of Dawn'' brings some kind of “Mariachis headbangers” partying into our eardrums, I personally like this mix of rhythms when it is well done, and in this case it was. "Already Broken" also tells the influence of Latin rhythms and parts of the song sung in Spanish the chorus was stuck in my head, but not on a positive note. After all "You can't break me, cause I am already broken" is not exactly something elaborate. "You Don´t Own Me" is very heavy and aggressive, here the lyrics demonstrate some kind of trauma related to critics. I think important to have personality, but listening is one of the important paths to learn and evolve. "Media Blackout" and "B.M.F" maintain the same lack of creativity for instance: "Talked by many, Hated by some, Guess how many fucks, I give3, 2, none".

 I would like to make it clear here, that I am not against profanity or freedom of speech  against any systems or media, but care and creativity in the construction of arrangements and lyrics are very important for quality music. On "Straight From The Barrio" the technical instrumental part and in production are ok. In "Leaving The Pain behind" the lyrics are more worked on, and approach problems with alcohol. The melody here, as the first two songs, fades out to being very similar to that of ATILLA, again improving the quality of the album. "The Outcast", "D.T.A" and "My Distorted Reflection" are other good songs that stand out, showing that the band has the potential to do a better job.

To get an idea of the lack of dedication in the construction of the lyrics, three of the first seven songs of the album have the same expression "Break Me" in the same sense. It is Curious that while I was doing this review, my recent friend Marcos Garcia, also a writer of Metal-Temple, published a great article on his blog talking about how the standard and the politically correctness has been leaving the Metal worn and dull, citing bands that have already left the Conventional molds, revolutionizing and influencing an entire generation. I believe that the intention of the members of UPON A BURNING BODY is this one, but when only say, "fuck, break, fuck, break, and fuck again", besides being almost prehistoric, certainly will not reach this goal, it is always necessary context for reflection.

Songwriting: 1
Originality: 4
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. 'Til The Break Of Dawn
2. Already Broken
3. You Don't Own Me
4. Media Blackout
5. B.M.F.
6. Straight From The Barrio (210)
7. Leave The Pain Behind
8. Walk Alone Again
9. Fake Plastic Smile
10. D.T.A. (Don't Trust Anyone)
11. The Outcast
12. My Distorted Reflection
Danny - Vocals
Ruben - Guitar
Rey - Bass
Sal - Guitar
Record Label: Sumerian Records


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