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Urgehal - The Eternal Eclipse: 15 Years Of Satan Black Metal (CD)

The Eternal Eclipse: 15 Years Of Satan Black Metal
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 July 2007, 10:57 PM

I would like to start this review just by saying… HAPPY BIRTHDAY URGEHAL!!! The Norwegian Black Metal band celebrates its 15 years of existence and what a better way to honour their fans for their support than releasing The Eternal Eclipse - 15 Years Of Satanic Black Metal, a collection that will satisfy every single fan. Let's see what this release contains.

Since I have already reviewed their last album (Goatcraft Torment) I think that it is not necessary to mention bio information again. I will just say for one last time that the band comes from Honefoss, Norway and was formed back in 1992. I was really impressed by Goatcraft Torment so I think that The Eternal Eclipse will be an interesting release as well.

So, what makes The Eternal Eclipse a pretty good way to celebrate URGEHAL's 15 years of existence? I think it is the material it contains. This release contains three unreleased tracks from the Goatcraft Torment sessions, both tracks from the Demonrape EP, one new track, a cover of VON's Veadtuck, a re-recorded version of the track The Eternal Eclipse and an old rehearsal (Bloodhunt). As it is natural, the style varies from track to track due to the time (meaning both sound quality and progression regarding the music) between the composition of each track. URGEHAL deliver an interesting collection full of classic Black Metal blasphemous propaganda, which will feed your sick appetite. The tracks are full of blasts, very good melodies and darkthronish Punk influences. When was the last time that you came across a band that lacks of the high and mighty production level but still manages to sound good (regarding both the sound and the compositions)? This band has this underground good production that has nothing to do with the shitty noise many Black Metal bands produce.

In my humble opinion, this band is much better than many shitheads out there. If you need a classic Black Metal album that will stay for some time in your CD player, this collection is surely a very good choice. See for yourselves.

3 Star Rating

Guds Fortapelse - Apenbaring Av Dommedag
The Moors Of Death
We Are Unholy
Serpent Messiah
Veadtuck (VON Cover)
The Eternal Eclipse
Trondr Nefas - Vocals, Guitar
Enzifer - Guitar
Mannevond - Bass
Uruz - Drums
Record Label: Agonia Records


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