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Urilia - The Adversarial Light Award winner

The Adversarial Light
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 03 November 2015, 12:14 PM

Wow, this band is really good!

On United States, as I said many times before this review, there's a strong and bold school on Metal, and the focus on it is the use of very good melodies, a clean sound quality, along with a very good instrumental technique. But behind these features, is a stronger and deeper reason: the need to be creative and different from other bands.

And maybe this need is the main power that guides URILIA, a sextet that comes from the city of Los Angeles, and maybe the earthquakes on California are due their music. Their EP "The Adversarial Light" shows it clearly.

Mixing elements from extreme Metal played on Europe with the energy and technique from the North American Metal school, along with very good melodies and a little touch of Industrial Metal (due some sound effects used sometimes), they are an excellent band that uses very good tempos changes, along with catching guitars riffs, a precise and heavy rhythmic kitchen, very good use of keyboards and excellent shrieked vocals (with some female voices here and there). Yes, it's grandiose, bitter, heavy and full of energy.

Using a very good sound quality, we can take the best of their work due a clear insight on the EP's production. Of course, it's heavy and thunderous as the band's music needs, but it's very clear, and we can understand clearly what they are up to: to smash our ears and torture our minds with a grotesque, brutal, but excellent, musical work.

With four very good songs (because "The Adversarial Light" is just an introduction), this EP is excellent.

"I Am Nephilim" is one fine piece of music, showing very good rhythmic changes, fine keyboards, and excellent vocals in a song that is fast and thunderous in some moments, and a bit slow on another ones. The perfect "Bleeding Perfection" follows, with a great refrain, excellent guitar riffs in a more mid tempo song, full of melodic arrangements on keyboards, and is the song that caught my heart. Another not so fast song follows; the hooking "Ordained by the Hydra", where bass and drums do a solid work, along with great guitars. And "Core of the Black Sun" is another fine piece of song, sustained by very good keyboards and good riffs.

Excellent band, but why in the blazes they didn't record a full album? Their musical work deserves it!

5 Star Rating

1. The Adversarial Light (Intro)
2. I Am Nephilim
3. Bleeding Perfection
4. Ordained by the Hydra
5. Core of the Black Sun
Kristof Bathory - Vocals
Left Hand Path Propaganda Grey - Guitars
Paris Giraud - Guitars
Angel Dies - Bass, Female Vocals
Bahemoth - Keyboards
Levi Xul - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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