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Urkraft - A Scornful Death

A Scornful Death
by James Brizuela at 24 October 2019, 6:06 AM

URKRAFT is an old school death metal band originally formed in Denmark in 1995. They gained notoriety in the death metal scene and while opening for the mighty CANNIBAL CORPSE. Unfortunately, they split up in 2008 while simultaneously releasing their final album, “A Scornful Death”, as a download. URKFRAFT has reunited and return to the fold while re-releasing “A Scornful Death” for the first time digitally and on vinyl. URKFRAFT has a very raw and powerful sound. Although, “A Scornful Death” came out more than 10 years ago, it still holds up very well. The production value cuts like a knife. I love the fact that the sound has a very thrashy element to it. The music is technical without being full-on technical death metal. You can sit back and appreciate the musicianship completely. It has just the right amount of punch to it.

The opening track, “The Power to Crucify”, comes in swinging with that exact prowess. There are some impressive guitar solos that showcase the technicality of the band. There is a wailing guitar solo in “Fed to Dogs” that completely rips. There is a certain ebb and flow that exists in URKRAFT’s music. It is simplistic and technical all at once. I would say there are even some elements of prog-like musicianship, like in “The Prophet & the Rose”. URKRAFT has a melodic, technical, old school death metal sound of their own, and all these styles intermingling in every track that creates this well-rounded sound. What is interesting is hearing the different nuances in the background of the brutal beating of the sound. “Ghost08” has this guitar melody that almost sounds like the Gothenburg themed guitar work of IN FLAMES. It is quick, but that just shows how diverse URKRAFT can be with their musical style. They are showing more than being a one-dimensional death metal band. “Shrieking of the Mad” showcases more of that impressive guitar soloing. Every track I found myself more and more impressed by the sheer musicianship of the album. It is very brutal but there are those moments that are impressive.

URKRAFT is brutal, melodic, and impressively technical with their death metal sound. I am glad that they have found their way back to being a band, and I hope that means they are here to stay. “A Scornful Death” is an absolute ripper of an album. Being that it came out more than 10 years ago, I can only imagine what’s in store for their future releases.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Power to Crucify
2. Fed to Dogs
3. The Prophet & the Rose
4. Ghost08
5. A Scornful Death (What Fresh Hell Is This?)
6. Shrieking of the Mad
7. The Murder in All Men
8. A Miracle Grotesque
9. Eternity’s Chamber
Thomas Stømvig – Vocals
Thomas Birk – Guitars
Mads B H Gath – Guitars
Richardt Olsen – Drums
Jeppe Tander – Bass
Record Label: Fist Force Music


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