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Urn - Epiphany

by Johnny Jackal at 17 February 2016, 2:09 PM

I dug up a little bit of information on the band before doing my initial review. Most of my research results did not give any specific information on the band and I had to go on their Facebook page to get everything I needed. I always want to research the band beforehand to give me a feeling and a vibe from the band itself.

This the third full-length release from the Chicago, Illinois Gothic Metal Band. According to the Metal Archives, their music has been used in specials on a few TV channels like Arts and Entertainment (A&E) as well as the Sci-Fi Channel (Syfy).

I added at the end of this review a link to their music video for the song ‘’Epiphany’’, it’s not a very good video clip but I always like the fact that bands want to do these videos for their release. Unfortunately there is not a lot of airplay for music videos nowadays compared to the early to mid 1990’s with Headbanger’s Ball and Solid Rock here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
They are categorized as Gothic Metal, but other than ‘’Cast in Amber’’, ‘’My Chosen Path’’ and the single ‘’Epiphany’’, I feel they have a lot of Folk and Celtic influences.

The use of harp, keyboards and violin adds a whole new dimension to the songs and a lot of the songs on this album have those Traditional Irish Music elements in them. I highly enjoyed the fact that I was expecting something along the lines of THE A.X.E. PROJECT, which I reviewed earlier this month and was pleasantly surprised to have something along the lines of Folk Metal with the Celtic elements.

We can compare them to some of the Celtic Metal bands that are actively touring like SUIDAKRA and ELUVEITIE. One song in particular that sounds like the traditional Irish folk and drinking song is ‘’Road to St. Patrick’s’’; the title says it all. This song reminds me of ‘’The Wild Rover’’, a very old Irish song that is sung all over the world on St. Patty’s day. It’s a very powerful song and might be the most intense and emotional song on ‘’Epiphany’’.

Other songs that have these influences are ‘’Autumnal Sunrise’’, ‘’When the Rain Has Fallen’’ and ‘’Brisk Snowfall’’. All these songs have that Irish sounds and are my favorite songs off of the album. This was a breath of fresh air and being a DROPKICK MURPHYS fan, I really enjoyed hearing some more Metal (than Punk obviously) but with those same influences!

Two songs come to mind being really different from all the rest and those are: ‘’Silently I’m Still Screaming’’ and ‘’Black Widow’’. The first song sounds a lot like NEVERMORE off the ‘’Dead Heart in a Dead World’’ album. I could compare easily to ‘’Inside Four Walls’’. The singer lacks the emotion and drive of Warrell Dane but this is really a solid effort. ‘’Black Widow’’ sounds a bit like some good old MOTORHEAD, well the music sounds a lot like them; Hard Rock with a Punk edge. Though on this song, the band experiments with two vocalists with some harsh and clean vocals. This is probably the most straightforward song off of this album.

The other songs on the album don’t have the same energy as the ones I mentioned but they are quite good and they try to use some dual vocals (especially on the single ‘’Epiphany’’). I liked the diversity of the songs and they end the album on a high note with ‘’Empty Promises’’. This is the longest song off of this release. The acoustic guitar solo at the beginning of the song is really nice and this might be the catchiest song on the album. It has really nice backing vocals and those add a lot of texture to this particular song. They let loose on this one and you have a whole bunch of solos and everyone adds their personal touch. A fitting way to end a very good album! I recommend this to everyone that likes Metal with a Traditional Irish Music Vibe.

4 Star Rating

1. Autumnal Sunrise
2. Cast in Amber
3. Black Widow
4. Thyself Be True
5. When The Rain Has Fallen
6. My Chosen Path
7. Brisk Snowfall
8. The Road to St. Patrick’s
9. Silently I’m Still Screaming
10. Epiphany
11. Empty Promises
Dominic St. Charles - Vocals, Rhythm, Lead Guitar
Chris Shive - Rhythm, Acoustic Guitar
Tracy DeMarco - Keyboards, Harp, Backing Vocals
Julian Umberger - Bass, Backing Vocals
Nick Kapka - Drums
Jenna Scifres - Violin
Record Label: Dark Moon Records


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