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Urn - Soul Destroyers (CD)

Soul Destroyers
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 23 July 2008, 11:52 AM

Dynamic Arts had some time to send a promo CD for a review and after the just nice latest album by Finnish metallers Angel Blake, it is time for another Finnish act to test its abilities with a brand new album. This time we have to deal with URN, a band that has nothing to do - musically - with the above mentioned melodic metallers.

Finland is not only known for its melodic side of Metal. The ice cold country has also produced some nice extreme Metal acts like the blacksters BARATHRUM and FLAME, members of which are involved in URN. So what the fuck do you expect to listen to? Hyper shredding melodic Power Metal? I guess not…

Here we have to do with a blackened Thrash Metal act that despite its not so good sound (yeah, some people still think that a shitty production makes them cult) has some nice ideas to present. Overall it is not something that would make me spend some money on it, but it is an honest work by some Finnish madmen that know how to produce some extreme and passionate music. If you are still reading this review, then it means that you have found something interesting in here. And if you like bands like NIFELHEIM, ARCHGOAT and the Japanese SABBAT, I believe that Soul Destroyers will fulfil your Black/Thrash Metal hunger.

If they only had a better sound and could keep me interested until the end of each song without getting tired in some point the rating would be higher and the album already a part of my collection.

3 Star Rating

Lifeless Days
(Bringer Of) Pain, Agony And Death
Black Steel Worship
Strike Of Conqueror
In Darkness… The Fire
Legions United
War And Victory
Blood Of The Desecrators
Decibel Hellstorm
Soul Destroyers
Sulphur - Vocals, Bass
Blackvenom - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hellwind Inferion - Drums
Record Label: Dynamic Arts Records


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