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Angel Tears – Angel Tears

Angel Tears
Angel Tears
by Dimitris Karametos at 05 December 2010, 6:12 PM

Ok, first of all a small quiz which of the following genres does not belong in this magazine.: Pop, Gothic, Metal? You can choose, secondly why oh why certain bands out there when they know that their small creation will mmm…s… will not be good enough, try to mix all genres there are out there to actually fish fans and sell some music and third and MOST important question when will there be a gothic Swahili with neo Celtic obscure Loli Con J-pop sound exist?

ANGEL HEART is a one man band, 5 singer quintet from Germany and to be more precise from Nordrhein – Westfalen WERE I WAS BORN! So, I forbid you to create tasteless music , that sounds like any mainstream gothic band and the darker non inspired days of THE MISSION, you are giving my birthplace a bad reputation, what in the name of all that is dark was that thing I was listening to and fell asleep with? Seit sie vor allem Guten Geister verlassen? I found a new album to use when I need to sleep fast and efficient, “Angel Tears” I knew I shouldn’t pick a band with such a cheesy name, I only liked “Lagrimas” and there are thirteen songs in the album, weak, uninspired nothing to prove or anything new to give, monotonous, depressing and tiresome.

Vocally the album is solid, the musicians are good and Peter as a producer who knows how to handle the sum of the instruments. Production is also solid yet nothing can save the creative black hole that is the weakest link, so weak that it brakes instantly not allowing you to reach even the end. I was bored, I missed some songs because I got lost in my thoughts and there was nothing to hold me or to move me to listen to the album again.

Albums such as this are not what Germany has gotten us used to, for friends only; I really did not like it.

1 Star Rating

  1. Mortal Sin
  2. Last Way To Eden
  3. Lagrimas
  4. Beauty In Darkness
  5. Jenseits Der Shatten
  6. Dark Roses
  7. Silent Rain
  8. Vampire Heart
  9. Schwarzes Herz
  10. The Last Embrace
  11. Trail Of Tears
  12. Mysterious Angel
  13. Symphony Black Butterfly
Peter Mayer – Vocals, All Instruments
Rafael Fernandez – Vocals
Andrea Tinto – Vocals
Jee Indaira – Vocals
Susanne Maassen – Vocals
Record Label: Clean Music Productions


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