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V – Led Into Exile

Led Into Exile
by Sergio Andrés at 01 October 2019, 4:01 PM

Here we have a Swedish Alternative Metal band yet with a somber sense of melody which made (surprisingly) they stand among other independent groups. Indeed, lots of Stoner / Sludge / Doom bands rely their formula on repetitive slow riffs and screaming vocals, whereas this unit has unexpected notes of harmony and sensitivity among their massively dense wall of sound. Could it be their Swedish genetic composition?

“Broadway from the Shadows” reveals a fuzzy flow of guitars and screaming vocals, which can be enough to satisfy your metal hunger, and yet some eerie melodic guitar lines (right side of the spectrum) with the likes of SOUNDGARDEN (“Louder than Love” era). "Illviljan” explores some Progressive fields, amen to their tempo changes. “Hostage of Souls” opens with some tribal-covenant sounds leading to a tediously slow pace. “Phantasmagoria" starts with Mid-Eastern oneiric sounds evolving to a looping ¾ groove at a leisurely pace (again), there are hints of those dark pre-SABBATH bands like BLACK WIDOW.

“None Shall Rise Again” is the acoustic type of ballad with clean vocals, that sincerely did nothing to move me. The final epic closing track “Led into Exile” maybe is the most exciting composition of this record, mainly because incorporates some Swing elements towards the mark of four minutes; the problem is its nine minutes long. If this song lasted for perhaps four fewer minutes, could have been an enjoyable piece.

The problem with this record is not their sound, or their production or their skillfulness as individual players is their lack of memorable songs; everything sounds mostly predictable; even with their dosage of melody, I can´t recall any of these tunes, after dozens of times spinning it.

After an initial impressive impression, I did my best to enjoy this record, but it became a mantra, and not in a pleasant way. Don´t get me wrong; there is potential here for a solid album; they need the proper producer to get the best from each musician.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Broadcast From The Shadows
2. Illviljan
3. Hostage Of Souls
4. Phantasmagoria
5. None Shall Rise Again
6. Led Into Exile
Andreas Baier – Vocals / Guitars / Synths
Jonas Gryth - Guitars
Marcus Lindqvist – Bass / Vibraphone
Daniel Liljekvist - Drums / Percussions
Record Label: Suicide Records


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