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V1 - Armageddon: End of the Beginning

Armageddon: End of the Beginning
by Craig Rider at 10 December 2017, 12:53 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: V1; signed independently, hailing from England - performing Heavy Metal, on their debut album entitled: “Armageddon: End Of The Beginning” (released April 21st, 2017).

Since formation in 1977; the quintet in question have a Split: “The Spaceward Super Sessions” (released in 2015) and this here album: “Armageddon: End Of The Beginning”. 12 hard-hitting tracks, ranging at around 59:32 – the quartet deliver a solid slab of intricately designed Rock/Heavy Metal distinctions. Opening with the track “V1”, I am introduced to a jolly good formula of organically arranged developments of STATUS QUO esquire aesthetics. The instrumentation and musicianship are concrete with unique substances, balanced with unprecedented results that doesn't just mimic their orchestrations as another wannabe band. Killer riffs that sounds like an instant reversal, going back in time to where it all started in the 70s - providing a nice chunk of old school Heavy Metal sounds. The vocalization is also stellar with profuse adroitness, uncompromising and straight to the point.

What is to note about V1, is the fact that the band was formed by none other than IRON MAIDEN legends – Terry Wapram (on guitar) & Dennis Wilcock (on vocals & fronted IRON MAIDEN). “Taking You Higher” consists of complex dexterity, establishing that traditional Heavy Metal tone & is for sure one of the big-hitters on the record. Lowering the tempo down slightly, lasting a lengthy 6:42 – it supplies an efficient amount of rhythmic riffs and solos, while amalgamated with an easy-listening type of substance. “Devil Devil” begins with slow yet simplistic immersion, until the bassist/keyboardist Dwight Wharton comes into play - mechanised with hasty pace as he pummels his axe with dynamic proficiency. “Don't Cause A Scene” progresses with more technical enlightenments, as drummer Gareth Dylan Smith showcases his mettle with relentless stimulation that gets the body grooving hard and fast – elegantly dominant and fierce all round so far.

Lights” is the longest track on the record at a extended 8:43s, it's a diversely varied banger that emphasizes on entertaining the listener with fun songwriting and a thunderous sound production. There's a lot of catchiness in the song “She's So Easy”; forged with groovy bluesy rock, hooks and splendid craftsmanship that's admirably relishing. Executing robust nimbleness and exquisite ability, V1 commendably distribute a modernized version of 70s rock/metal; that, with members from the infamous IRON MAIDEN outfit – undoubtedly keep that faith alive and well. “Ready For Action” is a melodic and harmonic pounder, in which is quite the invigorating tune – it slightly reminds me of 70s JUDAS PRIEST era, which surprising synthesizing characteristics to boot. The endearingly daft “Croydon Boys” has more energetic spirit and speed which swifts with more melodious salubriousness… while “Rockstar” opens with retro rock inspired theatrics.

Train” elements with more hard rocking symphonies, implementing impressive virtuosity and versatility from all members. “Runner” gallops with blistering velocity, with its exciting array of deadly punchlines and boundaries that takes no prisoners. Overall concluding “Armageddon: End Of The Beginning” with the titular track, with its dramatic PINK FLOYD stylistic guitars & doomy atmosphere; I was pleasantly surprised with this release.

Certainly one for all Heavy Metal/IRON MAIDEN fans alike that's for sure, go get it!

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. V1
2. Taking You Higher
3. Devil Devil
4. Don't Cause A Scene
5. Lights
6. She's So Easy
7. Ready For Action
8. Croydon Boys
9. Rockstar
10. Train
11. Runner
12. Armageddon
Terry Wapram - Guitars
Dennis Wilcock - Vocals
Dwight Wharton - Bass/Keyboards
Gareth Dylan Smith - Drums/Percussion
Record Label: Independent


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