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Vacivus - Rite of Ascension

Rite of Ascension
by Aaron “Five Magics” Price at 12 October 2015, 9:22 PM

Ahh Black Metal.. It’s “Ageless, Nameless”… Okay, well I guess it’s named Black Metal. VACIVUS is the name of a band that writes such style of Metal, so they’re also not “nameless” and assuming each of the members are alive, or you can find the year the band was formed, they’re not exactly “ageless” either. Okay, funny guy, enough with the jokes. VACIVUS wrote a 5 song album titled “Rite of Ascension” that kicks ass. Whoa, spoiler alert, this review will say some good things about said album by said named band and it might say some bad things and then you’ll go listen to the song at the bottom then you might go buy the album BECAUSE YOURE NOT SCUM WHO DOESN’T SUPPORT THE BANDS, right? Good.

There’s not a whole lot of bad to say about the album, so let’s start there; the vocals are a little too guttural for my liking, but they’re preformed in such a way that I feel the need to turn off the album or get bored with it super quickly like I do with, SIX FEET UNDER let’s say. The opening track, “Dark Apotheosis”, although having some spectacular riffs, being a 9 minute song, gets a little drawn out and boring, but that’s near the end when it, well, ends anyways. “Ageless, Nameless” uses harmonies to its advantage right out of the gate, contrasting righter pitch notes with lower ones in harmony to create a pure sound, before jumping into all down-tuned riffs and blast beats. The song itself, is rather consistent in tone and doesn’t get too out of hand, but does feature a fun, fast little solo in the midst and another longer one near the end.

This is an entire album of Blackened Metal and is rather cool, using traits from Death Metal and Black Metal together to make something of its own. Although nothing is really INSANELY new, VACIVUS wrote something fresh and interesting instead of conforming to the typical sound; well done.

3 Star Rating

1. Dark Apotheosis
2. Rite of Ascension
3. Ageless, Nameless
4. Hostis Rei
5. Vacivus Aeternum
Nick Craggs - Vocals
Dan Rochester - Guitars
Ross Oliver - Guitars
Dan Jones - Bass
Ian Finley - Drums
Record Label: Goatprayer Records


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