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Vader - Impressions In Blood (CD)

Impressions In Blood
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 19 October 2006, 5:19 PM

One more Death Metal release falls in my hands for review. This time it is Vader's turn to make my day. Can their brutality match meet my expectations, which by the way are a bit big for this band? I just started listening to the CD and it is time to see if they are still able to smash my head…
Born in Poland, in Olsztyn to be more exact, Vader have climbed high enough in the Polish Death Metal elite along with bands such as Behemoth and Decapitated to name a few. Having released many good albums and toured with well-known acts such as Deicide, Bolt Thrower and Suffocation, Vader keep getting better and better. Relentless touring and professional work made their name not only get in the Polish elite, but also become a world class Death Metal band!
With Impressions In Blood being their eighth full-length album (if I am not mistaken), Vader show that their appetite for professional work and inspired compositions will never end! This band never sold out or followed trends! Their style remains exactly the same in every album without becoming boring. Vader are one of the very few bands that have kept their style without adding new elements in their music and still fucking rule! The magnificent guitar work is cutting like an axe, the drums sound like a shotgun, the bass makes the tracks fucking heavier than ever and Wiwczarek's voice is coming straight from hell! There is no way you can stop this outburst, which is called Vader! This CD is one of the top Death Metal releases for 2006 for sure! An album full of brutality, aggression and blasphemous melodies! It surely is my top 2006 Death Metal release along with the new Deicide album! I don't want to sound too much, but I think that these guys are Morbid Angel number two! Many bands out there should just sit down and learn some things from them! The only thing I have to say is… RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITAH!!!
Regain added one of the top Death Metal bands to its roster, and Vader added one more great album to their discography. Every deathster should go and buy this album. Do NOT fucking ignore it! Oh, and something last. Great cover, isn't it?
There is a bonus track for the Japanese version which includes a cover of Slayer's Raining Blood. Those Japanese guys get the greatest stuff!!!

4 Star Rating

Between Day And Night
As Heavens Collide…
Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)
Field Of Heads
Red Code
Amongst The Ruins
They Live!!!
The Book
Piotr Wiwczarek - Vocals, Guitar
Maurycy Stefanowicz - Guitar
Marcin Nowak - Bass
Darek Brzozowski - Drums
Record Label: Regain Records


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