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Vader - Necropolis (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 30 September 2009, 6:56 PM

Three whole years for a new album, huh? It may seem a reasonable time period for some, but when it comes to VADER I am too fucking impatient to see what their next step will be. Well, their brand new step is the release of Necropolis, an album that will earn some new fans, while lose some old in my humble opinion. Well, it may just be a stupid thought. You will see this for yourselves…

I guess that there is not much to say here, since VADER is considered to be the band that got Death Metal out of Poland and into the worldwide Metal scene. These guys are always releasing high standard albums, kicking major ass on every stage they have played. Now, will their 9th full-length album seem kind of weird to their fans?

Because it sounds like the natural evolution of Impressions In Blood. The Polish beasts have already started incorporating some more Heavy Metal elements in their music and with Necropolis they take this experiment even further. Of course VADER is still a Death Metal band with the furious drumming and the frenzy riffs, but there are more catchy riffs than ever before, something that is not bad at all if you ask me. I can't even say that I was confused the first I listened to it. I was excited from the very first listening session and I think that VADER have started making steps forward; either you consider this to be a good or a bad thing. The solid production accompanied by quality music that sticks into your brain.

I have talked with many people about this album and from what I have seen most of them like it, so I guess you'll find it at least interesting, too. Give it a chance and see that VADER will probably offer great Death Metal for a long time to come. My only objection is the existence of two cover songs. Kind of too much, don't you think?

4 Star Rating

Rise Of The Undead
Never Say My Name
The Seal
Dark Heart
Summoning The Futura
We Are The Horde
When The Sun Drowns In Dark
Black Metal (VENOM Cover)
Fight Fire With Fire (METALLICA Cover)
Peter - Vocals, Guitar
Vogg - Guitar
Reyash - Bass
Paul - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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