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Vader - The Beast (CD)

The Beast
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 14 September 2004, 9:48 PM

Writing a prologue for a review isn't the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes it's really bugging and unappealing, especially if you're dealing with a band more than well-known in the musical industry. Should I introduce Vader? Would it be useful to mention any bio clues or present a short glance of their 15 year successful career? If your answer is ''yes'', just reconsider if you're reading the proper magazine.
Seriously now, this band is and always has been huge. One of Europe's prides in the Death Metal field, and it wouldn't be exaggerating to say that they constitute a makewight for the omnipotent American scene, with names such as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse etc. Only the fact that they continue to deliver high standardized albums after all these years and being faithful to the style that put them on the map is an achievement by itself, so be sure to set your demands right from The Beast.
I believe that the genre's outbreak took place many years ago and Vader was indeed in the first line and a fine supporter, looking back at their studio releases.  What was to be done is done. In the year 2004 no one should expect a step forward for a band like Vader and any musical surprises are rather castles in the air. What really matters is the continuity of their long lasting career with albums that could support properly the band's weighty heritage.
If you share a common point of view, it is almost certain that you will spend a joyful time while listening to The Beast. The band stands traditionally powerful and practices what it knows better than most of the bands out there. Besides, when a recipe is successful, why change it? The band is still turbulent and surely hasn't forgotten how to compose some serious and aggressive music, as so many years was used to be doing. Songs like Out Of The Deep, Dark Transmission, I Shall Prevail and Choices could show the way to many newcomer bands who are self-nominated as the new Morbid Angel (uh…ok I worship them, is that so bad?).  Song structures are relatively not that technical, the band insists in the - in your face - touch and as far as I'm concerned, they acted aright. The vocal lines are indeed well-wrought; Peter sounds amazingly expressional and wrathful but at the same time you can distinguish almost every single word he says! As for the drumming…what can I possibly say? Astonishing, but to tell you the truth I would like to see the material performed live in order to be 100% convinced about it. And the guitars? What about them? Well, there are some trully good riffs here and there but sometimes I had a sense of slight repetition, which I daresay signifies the years that strain Vader's waist…
Dear reader, think well before purchasing this album. Think of your needs and musts an album should bear in order to gain a place in your CD collection. The Beast is not a must have. It is an album though of quality, ''forged'' in the fire of a band that was always more than satisfactory in its duties. A classic piece of aggressive music, no need to worry whether or not the result will decline from the sound's standards. 100% Vader, 100% Death Metal.

3 Star Rating

Out Of The Abyss
Dark Transmission
The Sea Came In At Last
I Shall Prevail
The Zone
Peter - Guitars & Vocals
Daray - Drums
Novy - Bass
Mauser - Guitars
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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