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Vain - Enough Rope

Enough Rope
by Mark Gromen at 16 October 2011, 8:00 PM

Truth be told, the Californian Glam troupe’s ’89 “No Respect” was the first new CD I was ever sent to review, back in the day. Now featuring the same line-up as that Island Records issued debut, VAIN has released eleven new tales of sleaze on their own label. Tales of sex seem a little creepy coming from guys in their 40s, yet this is singer Davy Vain’s calling card and the best tracks here. The punked up stripper strut of “Triple X” kicks off with an exaggerated scream of ecstasy. Simple, repetitive and easy on the ears, its something that could appease MOTORHEAD fans, as well as POISON devotees.

On slower tracks, like “Hot Stage Lights”, Vain’s voice is a twisted whine/squeal. The melodic “Stray Kitten” is not PETA approved, but rather an 80s innuendo wrapped in playfully tuneful dirty intention. The acoustic laced “Treasure Girl” is a break-up ballad, the mainman hoping his departed ex remembers him fondly. The title cut isn’t about physical hanging (as Metal as that topic might be), rather it talks about a conniving, ‘popular’ girl whom everyone knows, so if she’s out fooling around on Vain, he’ll know. ‘Every night it’s the same old story. Downtown, where my baby goes. Around here everyone knows you. Gonna give you enough rope, you’ll hang yourself.’ “Vain” spins the predatory Sunset Strip on its head, the guy wanting a loving relationship, the girl just out for fun, a sentiment echoed by the upbeat closer “Worship You”. ‘Down on my knees, down on my knees, working on a Saturday night…’ guess it’s getting a little harder to pull A list women Davy? Shows moments of gutter life brilliance, just wish he’d do a balls out Rock album, start to finish.

3 Star Rating

1. Greener
2. Triple X
3. Hot Stage Lights
4. Stray Kitten
5. Cindy
6. Treasure Girl
7. Enough Rope
8. Solid Gold
9. The Distance Of Love
10. Vain
11. Worship You
Davy Vain– Vocals
Jamie Scott– Guitar
Danny West– Guitar
Ashley Mitchell– Bass
Tom Rickard– Drums
Record Label: Jackie Rainbow Records


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