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Valdaudr - Drapsdalen

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 06 March 2021, 7:55 AM

In the past, the fusion from aspects of Thrash Metal with Black Metal wasn’t an intentional thing. When DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, KREATOR and SODOM created such form of music, they were dealing with their own influences (VENOM, NWOBHM, JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD, Hard Rock from the 70’s, Punk Rock and Hardcore), and things just happened. In Norway, the wake of the Second Wave of Black Metal showed bands of the genre bearing influences from Thrash Metal as well (MAYHEM, especially). So Black/Thrash Metal isn’t a genre as new as many can think. And some bands still creates good works on it, as the Norwegian trio VALDAUDR shows on “Drapsdalen”.

Honestly their music can’t be labeled as Black/Thrash Metal. It has 90% of Black Metal energy and features with 90% of Thrash Metal influences. And as the band’s members are linked to names as BLOOD RED THRONE, SATYRICON, GOATLORD, and others, they know what they’re doing. A great amount of energy flows from this album, but in lovely hooking way for those that are linked to 90’s Black Metal and early Black/Thrash Metal ways. Their musical work is a very impolite and unkind way to say ‘fuck you’ to fashion followers and sucker in general. Rune Nesse did the mixing, keeping things crude and putrid as they could be. But the main intention is to sound moldy and raw, to bearing the organic feeling of the past back to these days. Of course that such set of instrumental tunes isn’t used since a long time, but they still work (except for the sane drum).

The harsh and furious appeal of “Liket Skulle Vaert Brent”, the Black/Thrash Metal ambience of “Trass og Vrede” (very good shrieks and snarls), the morbid and darkened feeling that arises from the harmonies of “Evig Langt Inn I Tiden” (especially on the slow parts, where the guitars are showing very good riffs), the brutal grasp of “Du Vantro Og Vrange Slekt” (good rhythmic contrasts), and the excellent mix between the morbid feeling of Black Metal with the catchy appeal of Thrash Metal shown on “Drapsdalen” (with an unexpected solo) are the best ones for a first time on their work.

As last words, all that’s left to state is that VALDAUDR inherited the old spirit of Black Metal from the 90’s on “Drapsdalen”. But a better sonority would be great on the next time (remember: the snare drums aren’t sounding as good as they could be), but an Old School Black Metal wouldn’t care at all for this…

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Liket Skulle Vaert Brent
2. Trass og Vrede
3. Evig Langt Inn I Tiden
4. Den Evige Ild
5. Du Vantro Og Vrange Slekt
6. Drapsdalen
7. Kom, Bestig Vaare Fjell
Vald - Vocals
Død - Guitars, Bass
Rune Nesse - Drums (session)
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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