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Valdur - Goat of Iniquity

Goat of Iniquity
by Gareth Beams at 19 September 2018, 9:27 PM

VALDUR is from a small mountain town in the Eastern Sierra. It is this landscape and isolated lifestyle that allows us to be as far away as possible from claustrophobic influences, yet still connect with the energy of our beloved music scene. Descending the tail with the breath of the beast…

Californian Death Metal VALDUR returns after last year’s triumphant 5th album: “Divine Cessation”. This year brings “Goat of Iniquity” What you have here is an ultimate blend in what Brutal Death and Black Metal should sound like. This is also a band that rides that fine line between the Black and Death genres without going too much in favor of one side or the other. With a lot of bands, you can usually tell which genre is the dominant sound and taste. With VALDUR, I would have to say it’s 50/50 throughout the entire album. The band plays through these tracks with such an unforgiving and remorseless passion only reflected by those whose passion is equaled in the dedication to their perspective art. These guys know what they are doing, and show no signed of slowing down or stopping any time soon. Their sound is very cold with unforgiving riffs in the vein of the likes of IMMORTAL, DARK FUNERAL, IMPALED NAZARENE, older SAMAEL, HYPOCRISY, and SÉANCE. The reverence for tradition can be felt for the entire duration of the album.

Divine Halls of Obscurity Part I & Part II” kicks things off with a solid drum beat, met by a thick Deathgrowl top, opens shit up. The atmosphere is thick throughout. The guitars stretch out the melody well to progress the song. The vocals are so densely populated that you can’t work out what is being said. Saying that, the pace of the song itself works well to blend the melody and vocals. There are a few cleaner Death Metal guitar sections here and there, thrown in to allow a different depth.

Spiritual Exhaust (The Beyond)” is a mash-up containing crazed low vocals and frantic drum beats. The faint melody from guitar and bass are drowned out by the former. With a few sound clips thrown in, for me they didn’t need this and should have paid more attention to their own sound.

Inhale the Floodgates Open” continues with the general feel of the album. Implementing further deep vocals that lay heavy throughout the pace dictates well again inside a thinner melody that enhances the vocals more. By this point of the album, it is clear to see where the rest of the song is heading. If you’re into the sound then the songs will blend into to one overall melody. Thick and Black.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Divine Halls of Obscurity Part I
2. Goat of Iniquity / Devouring the Whore of Darkness
3. Divine Halls of Obscurity Part II
4. Spiritual Exhaust (The Beyond)
5. Inhale the Floodgates Open
6. (Iniquitous)
JF - Vocals
Vuke - Guitars
William (aka Satan's Chainsaw) - Bass
Matthew S. (aka Lord Sxuperion) - Drums
Record Label: Bloody Mountain Records


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