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Valdur - Raven God Amongst Us

Raven God Amongst Us
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 September 2010, 3:09 PM

The summer is slowly ending giving its place to darker, colder days. What does this mean? Time for some frozen Black Metal ladies & gentlemen! The music that accompanies many cloudy days for you, whether you want it or not! Can VALDUR become a permanent resident in my CD player for the following days? They will have to prove it…

The band hails from the US, though its mastermind Thor (sorry, but this nick is kind of cliché) originates from the country that gave birth to the specific music genre, Norway. With one more full-length album in 2007 and several demos and split releases, VALDUR unleash their sophomore studio effort.

Let’s begin with some basic stuff. VALDUR is all about aggressive and raw, yet somehow “atmospheric” (no, no keyboards and such stuff in here) Black Metal with a sound that is far from being characterized “polished”. The band is mostly based on its killer riffing, since Thor seems able to write some incredibly wicked riffs and melodies, with LS blasting the crap out of heaven behind his drum kit. Even though “Raven God Amongst Us” offers nothing new, it is an album that manages to drag you in, suffocate you and spit you before you even have the time to realize what’s happening. The first times I listened to it I wasn’t amazed, but the more time you give to it, the more it grows on you. Even Thor’s vocals that sound a bit low on the final mix, contribute to this majestic feeling and will probably make you look behind you several times.

Forget about the US Black Metal you know from bands like XASTHUR or LEVIATHAN. This album is brutal, raw and as melodic as it should be. Trust yourself to the power of Thor’s huge riffing and you won’t be disappointed. Now that I think of it, the production may be kind of weak, but it may be a crucial element in this chaotic atmosphere after all…

3 Star Rating

  1. Intro
  2. Wound Fires In The Afterlife
  3. Great Abyss Unfold
  4. Gravlagt I Morkets Natt!
  5. Med Fjell I Horisonten
  6. Berserrker
  7. Past Of Wolves
  8. Vicious Existence
  9. Creation
Thor - Vocals, Guitar
William - Bass
LS - Drums
Record Label: Bloody Mountain Records


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