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Valentin The Mad - Devil’s Courtyard

Valentin The Mad
Devil's Courtyard
by Marcus Kemp at 07 August 2014, 2:34 PM

Firstly, before I start this review, I am going to point out that when I was sent this promo to review, it was not so much an album but rather a collection of various tracks from separate releases as uploaded on Valentin’s Bandcamp page but for the purposes of this review, I listed them all as a track-listing in alphabetical order. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s dive in to the world of VALENTIN THE MAD.

So, who is this guy? Well, he’s a guitarist that likes to jam and create Metal instrumentals. Valentin hails from Israel which is a country we hear about a lot on the news these days but fortunately he lives in a part that is not affected by all the on-going conflict. Aside from his work as a solo guitarist, Valentin also hosts his own weekly radio show so it’s safe to say that he’s always got things going on to keep him occupied.

With some Metal guitarists that embark on solo projects, they like to do all the work themselves including playing all the instruments and producing it themselves. Valentin is the same with his solo material where he plays all guitar and bass tracks and instead of playing real drums, he uses programmed ones which is a very bold and risky move as the drums are a vital part of a Rock and Metal band’s sound so by using programmed ones, you are running the risk of losing that vital part of your sound.

So what about Valentin’s skill as a musician? Well there’s no getting away from the fact that he is a guitarist that likes to jam and fortunately the guitar is nice and clear in the recordings so you can hear every note being plucked even during the fast solo sections. His sound ranges from Soft Rock to Prog to Heavy and Thrash Metal so the styles are very diverse which can be a good thing as you can experiment with different ideas and see what works best for you.

There’s also an interesting range of different speeds as well as some are fast and some are slow paced. On a couple of tracks there’s also some synth keyboards that play as well which I am assuming are programmed like the drums. There’s also a unique blend of various musical styles including a track that has a very Arabic feel to it and it sounds very cool for it.

You know, when you’re starting out as a musician, even as someone who just likes to jam, sometimes it makes sense to program the instruments you cannot play. Sometimes it works for you and sometimes it does not but it does work for Valentin. Sure, there are some tracks where the programmed drums do not really work but there are others where it does work really well.

So what do I think about the music of this guitarist who likes to jam? Well, the music is very creative and there is plenty of talent to be had from VALENTIN THE MAD as a guitarist. Sometimes if you can’t think of lyrics to add to a song, it’s better to just let the music do the talking and here the music really does talk and on a few tracks it sings to you a sweet song. Valentin has a bright future ahead of him as a guitarist and as a musician as he is very creative and very talented with a never ending supply of unique and creative songs.

3 Star Rating

1. Apocalyptic Visions r
2. Devils Courtyard
3. Insomnia
4. Lily Was Here
5. Metal Piece in Arabian Style
6. Never Peace of Mind
7. Sandstorm
8. The Return
Valentin the Mad - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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