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Valis Ablaze – Render Award winner

Valis Ablaze
by Joseph Hausmann at 02 September 2019, 10:16 PM

VALIS ABLAZE released their sophomore album "Render" on July 19th 2019. This five piece Progressive Metal group out of Bristol, UK has really hit it out of the park on this. Teamed up with Long Branch Records, they have produced a great album. Using different time changes, mixing genres, and using some soundscapes, VALIS ABLAZE brings us a well-rounded, well produced album. They have created an immersive experience with this album in which you can lose yourself in. The clean vocals are crisp, while the screams are rarely used but well placed throughout the flow of the album. The guitars and bass are also clean and distortion only used when needed to build up the energy for the tracks. This really allows you to hear the work put in on the melodies of the instrumentals and brings it to the attention of the listener.

"Neon Dreaming" really showcases the bass work as the bass carries the melody instead of the guitars. The guitars are used more as a support for the bass melody. This track is very well balanced as you can hear all parts very clearly without one overpowering the other.

"Hollow Heart" is the star of the album. Showcasing the vocal range of the singer blended with unique guitar riffs. The chorus of the track is catchy but still unique. The bridge of the song lulls you to a peaceful state before returning you to the soaring vocals. This track will leave you mesmerized by the riffs.

"The Convincer" starts out heavier than the rest of the tracks. It then abruptly changes to clean guitar chords and vocal harmonies. This song transitions various times between heavy and melodic throughout its entirety.  Throw that in with transitioning time changes and this track becomes a very strong representation of the band's skill as a unit.

"Keyframes" shines a light on the power of the harmonies created by VALIS ABLAZE. These harmonies run throughout the track always surprising as they sneak up on you. The vocalist begins the harmony and before you realize it, you can hear the entire band underneath. This track will immerse you into the music.

"Infinite World" behind with a funk style guitar riff that hangs around for about half the song before mellowing into groove. In this track some scream vocals are used as an emphasis to the other melodies running behind them. The melodies mixed through the track have drastic ranges from deep lows to highs. This track offers more harmonies layered upon the instrumentals. The band truly brings out their experimental side with this inventive piece.

VALIS ABLAZE have done a remarkable job with "Render". The amount of experimentation that they implement throughout the album is stunning. They are not afraid to bring something unique to the table. Couple that with when they use that experimentation and you have an incredible listening experience. This is one of those albums that is like a fine wine. You have to experience it to fully understand the depth of the taste. I would like to tell you more about it, but I encourage you to discover more of VALIS ABLAZE for yourself. You will not be disappointed! "Render" is an album that I highly recommend!

Production: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Neon Dreaming
2. Hollow Heart
3. The Convincer
4. Key frames
5. Ascent (feat. Sam Bell)
6. Saturation
7. Proxy
8. States of Decay
9. Infinite World
10. Elevation (feat. White Dove)
Phil Owen - Vocals
Tom Moore - Guitars
Ash Cook - Guitars
Dan Brotherton - Bass
Dayle William's - Drums
Record Label: Long Branch Records


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