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Valkeryon - Vision Of Fire

Vision Of Fire
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 28 July 2014, 8:22 PM

Time for a hit or miss band, VALKERYON Power Metal band hailing from Panama. These guys started as a video game "covers" band before moving to Power Metal, giving them a sort of DRAGONFORCE feel to their instrumentals. Vocals may take a bit to get use to, originally I thought that the vocals were really monotone but after a couple listens through the album a couple times I begin to notice how operatic the vocals actually are.

Power Metal is an interesting thing, you get some thrashy instrumentals, make it a bit more upbeat sounding, throw someone who can sing high over it and you've got Power Metal. VALKERYON take this differently, the vocals don't try to be as high as a  lot of Power Metal do, they aren't trying to see who can sing the highest, he's trying to kick ass with his operatic style of vocals over some insane instrumentals. "Culture Wars" brings out the strength in the band, its where the album truly starts with every type of solo possible to this band and catching hooks in the vocals to help draw you, as well as a flawless transition between the two parts. "Umbra Warfare" is the top track on the album though, singing about the downfall of evil, over thrashing instruments. You add in some amazing guitar and keyboard solos and you have a great example of a not so over the top DRAGONFORCE.

Basically, what im trying to tell you with all this is if you like Power Metal or anything of the style you should probably browse through what this band has to offer because even though it might take some getting use to VALKERYON has more to offer than I can properly put onto words. For this reason alone, it would make perfect sense for everyone to go buy their album right now.

3 Star Rating

1. Never Fades
2. Culture War Pt1 Dunas
3. Culture Wars Pt2 Reconquest
4. Umbra Wars
5. Fight With Time
6. Corruption
7. Trivial
8. Spaceshift
9. A Place Beyond
10. Farewell
Rubens - Vocals
José Chang - Guitars
Daniel De León - Bass
Alpha Prime - Synths
Anthony Malcolm - Drums
Record Label: The Leaders Group


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