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Valkyrie - Fear

by Craig Rider at 06 August 2020, 7:12 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: VALKYRIE; signed via Relapse Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Heavy Rock/Metal/Traditional Doom, on their 4th Studio Album entitled: "Fear" (released July 24th, 2020).

Since formation in 2002; the quartet in question have 3 Demos, 3 Splits and 4 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 4th Album entitled "Fear". 8 tracks ranging at around 43:15; VALKRYIE arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Heavy Metal/Metal/Traditional Doom amalgamations.

Opening up the record with the static wave of distortion: "Feeling So Low" begins with this slick tradition of heavy/doom-laden licks; immersed into an amplified fretwork of reverberating tightness, manifesting this meticulous slab of solid firepower and adrenaline. Arming a brimming ensemble of some rawly rough ramifications that merge an intriguing characteristic, distilling boisterously bouncy grooves with this rumbling surge of punchy jumpiness - trailblazing with ripping shreds and a borderline foundation of skyrocketing frenzies in which showcase razor-sharp quirkiness with this sonically seamless pursuit of snappy vibrancy that will trance you into a trippy void of volatile with yet this monolithic world of weighty tempos that provide progressively technical potency which brings forth a healthy dose of some uniquely versatile vehemence with some salubriously zestful remedies.

Consisting of meistro riff brethrens: Jake Adams on guitar/vocals; with some twinning guitar/vocal attacks from: Pete Adams, both excel at a crunchy attribute, implementing chunky hooks and gripping dexterity…elementing experimental but catchy harmonies in which wonder with profusely robust maelstroms of primitive meatiness. When "Afraid To Live" comes in with this atmospheric but ambiently acoustic aurora; then, there is a hefty influence in the tone that thuds with IRON MAIDEN Paul Di'Anno era-esquire gnarliness, chugging into a frolicking but hybrid dimension which synergetically supplies this organic substance of some psychedelic fuzziness. Elsewhere, the vocals roar with throaty but high-pitched pipes…engaged in an clean aesthetic but a gritty dynamic revolving with this quintessential virtuosity that revel with impactful diligence. Oscillating this lively but upbeat melody that momentously strifes with strumming professionalism, mellifluous sophistication & a splendid style which ends in an other-worldly landscape of outrè panache that will thrill you with its distracting dissonance but heavy mood.

"Loveblind" opens up with this kicking drum cycle, expeditiously evolving an euphonic blend of some old-school New Wave Of British Heavy Metal territories with this modernised representation; prestigiously lacerating killer leads with this rhythmic onslaught that shrouds with mesmerising stability, detailing an enriching arsenal of complex craftsmanship creativity with this tempestuous storm of triggering calamities and a chiselling contrast in grinding barrages that ramp up this uproarious vibrato that patterns a flowing ebb in density but gloomy èclat. Distinguishing a distinctively drony edge but converging an infectious bass audibility from Alan Fary, infectiously driving this interesting flurry of BLACK SABBATH-esque systematics while venomously thumping those riffs with pulsating yet enthralling boundaries in ponderous swampiness while sprinkling this thick layer of sludgy murkiness to boot.

"The Choice" has this vibe of meandering hypnotism, a crescendo of sorrowful songwriting magnetism & sodden woefulness while still retaining that speedy yet exploratory establishment of mystifying majesty in dark, emotive shifts that jarred up within this heartfelt clarity of everyday lifestyles and troubles we all go through. The main riff is adventurously addictive, while trudging this pummelling variety of rambunctious piledriving from hammering drummer Warren Hawkins; who remarkably stomps with this sombre yet this quantum spectrum of strong yet resonant melancholy, overarching oozing yet electrifying  embodiments of imagination and fluidly polished yet steely precision. It is indeed a sad song, though the resembling joints of stoner but gentle heavy rock, with proto-metal juxtapositions do for sure transfix you for a great time… so far I can see this record being a great live experience down at the pub most indefinitely.

"Fear And Sacrifice" is full of uncommonly dazzling chops; dual chords and Southern Rock poignancy, flamboyantly embracing a bluesy efficaciousness to the mix where they give enough headiness for darkened passages while they reveal a bunch of rapidly swift nimbleness and aspirational leaps that sound really pleasing. Layering this pensive yet towering melody, spellbinding your soul with sturdy jolts and an incredible amount of skill from every member while the guitars give off this rowdy intensity in which wails with skillful results. "Brings You Down" is full of mentally stimulating drama, eeriely daunting spirituality wipes that off the map with thanks to this scorching velocity of solos that will rattle your brains in no time…until the vibe closes as it did begin.

The penultimate track: "Evil Eye" has an alluring amount of melodious memorability; converging captivating ferocity with this heated diversity of vintage variety, and a chorus bit that will make you hum its tuneful prerequisite with the optimistic buoyancy of chirpy finesse and sanguine reassurance. While the overall concluding track: "Exasperator" finishes off the record with more explorative but instrumental dejection that orchestrates in a calming but very tense closure of remorse & repentance.

Bottom line; VALKYRIE delivered an elegantly exquisite but enjoyably enlightening offering that thunders with rich taste while entailing a blistering but fulfilling listen that will keep you fully absorbed in, everyone's high on swagger & full of blissful intents which will bring in the retro rockers for a beautifully driven discovery. "Fear" is indeed worth the listen, check it out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Feeling So Low
2. Afraid To Live
3. Loveblind
4. The Choice
5. Fear And Sacrifice
6. Brings You Down
7. Evil Eye
8. Exasperator
Jake Adams - Guitar/Vocals
Pete Adams - Guitar/Vocals
Alan Fary - Bass
Warren Hawkins - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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